3 Zodiac Signs Won't Get Fooled Again In Love On December 13, 2023

Mercury Retrograde offers us a chance to make the same mistake, but his time we will recognize where we went wrong.

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Whenever we think of the Mercury Retrograde, we automatically brace ourselves for whatever disaster we believe is heading our way. It's like the words themselves have the impact of an asteroid collision with Earth, and while no such thing is happening, we still can't help but feel as though we need to be on guard.

December 13, 2023, brings Mercury Retrograde back into play, and for three zodiac signs, the lessons will be far-reaching.


We may be throttled hither and thither by emotions, but this particular day is going to have the power to change something in our lives ... for the better. It's not all broken phones and communication mishaps with Mercury Retrograde. Sometimes, we hit a break ... even if it comes to us the hard way.

What's going to become apparent today is that Mercury Retrograde offers us a chance to make the same mistake that we once made, except this time, we will recognize where we went wrong. Huzzah! This is monumental.


We know that on December 13, 2023, we will not be fooled again by the trappings of love and romance. We are now conscious of dangerous territory and that the love we truly want to experience is not found in those mistaken situations.

Three zodiac signs won't get fooled again in love on December 13, 2023, during Mercury retrograde.

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

Never once in your life have you turned down the opportunity to love and to be loved by someone. While this may sound naive to some, you feel as though you know what you're doing and that if taking a chance on love is what you want to do, then so be it; you'll do as your heart tells you to do. As this day begins, you'll feel for the first time a certain kind of reluctance about love, and it registers to you as 'truth.'

Well then, that's a different kind of feeling, isn't it, Aries? You usually have yourself convinced that if you make a move, you do it because it's worthwhile. Yet, the Mercury Retrograde has you wondering if, perhaps, you're getting yourself involved in yet another romantic mistake. Hmm, this Mercury Retrograde has got you figuring certain things out, and one of them rings true: you aren't about to fool yourself, and you won't let yourself be fooled by someone else. Not today.


Today is December 13, 2023, and you are starting to wonder if the person you are with is merely a product of your imagination. What that means is that maybe you've made this person into something they are not, all because you wanted them to fit into your mold. Still, they seem to be getting more out of it than you are, and that's because they are using you. Mercury Retrograde brings this into full view. After this day, you won't be fooled again by love.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

You are naturally self-protective, but that doesn't mean you haven't been raw and vulnerable in the past when it comes to love and romance. It's as if that fine line gets crossed every time you fall in love, and where you like to envision yourself as well-balanced and perfectly capable of staying that way, you tend to let yourself go when you feel you are in love. This is usually when things start to go bad for you, and on December 13, 2023, during the Mercury Retrograde, you'll start to get a hint at why.


What's going on today is that you're starting to see your patterns start to form. You start firm and tall, you fall in love, you let your guard down, and then boom! Your vulnerable side is exposed and everything feels too raw, too 'out there' and way too much for you. During the Mercury Retrograde's first day in town, you'll see that you're doing it again ... and you don't want to do it again.

That's where things change and how Mercury Retrograde puts you in the right position to recognize the wrong moves. You see it now; you see how you are doing it once again, and you know that this is how it all falls apart. It all starts with you fooling yourself into believing this is a good thing. During Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn on December 13, 2023, you will know that from this day forth, you won't be fooled again by love.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)


You never wanted to become 'that person,' as in the one who shuns love out of fear. Yet, you feel that you still need to learn so much about love before you can ever really trust it again. During Mercury Retrograde, it doesn't get any easier. However, you might come to understand that certain actions lead to certain consequences and that those actions are to be avoided. On December 13, 2023, you will see that you are the one who has kidded yourself into believing in love and that maybe, on this day, you need to pull back.

Will you ever love again and learn to trust the situation? Of course, you will, Sagittarius, but you have to learn your lessons first if you're ever to experience love as a trustworthy and rewarding condition. Right now, love has only shown you that it's fickle and unreliable. That's OK. You are certainly not alone in this, as everyone gets to experience that at one point or another. On this day, during Mercury Retrograde, you'll know that it's best to trust your gut and steer clear of love.

It's only temporary, but learning this lesson the hard way is exactly what will do you good in the future. You won't be fooled again by love, and you will spend quality time getting comfortable with it. As of now, you are imbibing the lessons given to you by today's transit, and this event, Mercury Retrograde, will last for a while. Think of this as a learning period. Wisdom will be acquired and accrued, and you can count on that, Sagittarius.


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