3 Zodiac Signs Feel Happier Being Single On November 30

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Do you prefer being single? If you're one of the three zodiac signs who want to be single, it probably doesn't come as a surprise, that you feel this way. The waning Gibbous Moon does tend to bring out feelings of loneliness, and when such a transit occurs at this late day in the year, namely on November 30, 2023, we who experience loneliness know where it stems from and we may even know what to do about it.

Three zodiac signs will be feeling a bit down on this day, November 30, 2023 and while it's not the kind of 'down' that lasts and lasts, it is the kind of 'dark' mood that has us coming up with solutions.

The thing is, we don't want to feel lonely. We don't mind being alone and we aren't driving ourselves crazy with loneliness, because during the waning Gibbous Moon, we know the reason why this decision is appealing.

It is during this time that we come to terms with something in our lives and that is the idea that, perhaps, it's just a better idea to stick to ourselves and not be in a romantic relationship. Whatever has driven us to this kind of thinking is considerable. 

We're not jumping to conclusions, we are acting from experience. Right now, the vibe tells us that we'd be happier being single and that maybe it might be best to stay away from relationships ... at least for now. It's OK. We'll live.

Three zodiac signs feel happier being single starting November 30, 2023:

1. Gemini, singleness can be a blessing in disguise.

You've been down this road before and you know what it's like when you feel melancholic and sad over some relationship that didn't work out. You do not like the feeling of being alone, but you are also quite aware of the fact that being alone is much better than being with someone whom you have serious issues with and can't get along with. Your problem has always been about compatibility, Gemini. You get along with a person very well...until you don't.



On this day, November 30, 2023, you'll feel the waning Gibbous Moon in your bones and the loneliness that comes with it is enough to make you realize that being alone is better for you right now. You aren't always lonely when you're alone, in fact, being alone is a preferred state for you as you tend to be incredibly creative when left to your own devices. What the waning Gibbous Moon brings out in you is the surety that, maybe being alone is simply...better for you.

While you are a social person and never lacking in friendships, you've seen that, in your life, friendships last and romances seem to fall apart. OK then. If that's the way it is, then you'll make sure you get on top of that emotional game by owning the idea that right now, at this point in your life, you need to be single. If you're single, then you're not on the chopping block. 

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2. Cancer, you need this break from relationships.

At this point, you know what's right for you and what is wrong, and by 'this point' we refer to the end of the year. November 30, 2023 brings you the realization that you're not ending this year with some great love story, in fact, you have come to believe that this year was not your big 'love' year.

Being single has taught you that it's not so bad, in fact, it may be the preference 'until further notice.' What you know now, in your heart, is that being single is what you need, even more than what you want.

You just can't see yourself throwing your heart into the shredder again, and during the waning gibbous Moon, you'll find that your thoughts turn to the negative when it comes to love and partnership. You'd love to have whatever everyone else in the world would love to have, but you see that in your life, it might not be realistic. This doesn't hurt you; it emboldens you. You aren't afraid to be alone, in fact, you need this time to heal.



It is during transits like the waning Gibbous Moon that we all tend to feel a bit lonely, but in your case, Cancer, you intend to make the most of it. Yes, there's a dark vibe surrounding you now but it's a vibe that you've given yourself, and you know that it's here to give you space. You will utilize this transit for the best as you come to realize that right now, the best 'status' you can claim is 'single.' Not single and looking...just 'single.'

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3. Sagittarius, time alone gives you perspective.

While the waning gibbous Moon definitely helps to put things into perspective for you, you'll find that on November 30, 2023, the idea of being single and perhaps staying single sure does sound appealing. You realize that the pressure to be with someone is part of a social ideal, and while being in a relationship is what keeps the Earth populated and procreated, you feel you've done enough in that department. You're 'good to go' in your now mind, and you don't feel any kind of pressure to be with another person.



November 30, 2023 shows you that your independent nature is something to be listened to; you feel that what is best for you may not be what's best for another person. You see that the people around you are rushing into relationships, holding on to partners that drive them crazy, and in the name of love, they stick like glue to people who aren't necessarily making them happy. This is all you see; unhappy people coupling off just so they can say they are in a relationship.

You, on the other hand march to the beat of your own drum, and you've seen that, in your case, being single and owning it is really the best and only path for you. You are tired of being judged for this, as you really don't care what others think of you, nor do you think they've found something better. They are not single. You are and for you, this is the only show in town. You're not just single, Sagittarius; you are sovereign.

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