How The Waning Moon & Mercury Entering Capricorn Improves Relationships For 4 Zodiac Signs Mid-Week

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Take a moment and collect yourself, focusing on your heart and any lingering desires that you've been pushing to the wayside out of the complexity or complication they may represent. Allow yourself to see that love can be all you dream of if you allow it to be. To allow that, you also need to be able to shift directions and make decisions that are always in alignment not just with what you desire — but also with what you are worth. 

A new direction began with the Full Moon in Gemini, Mars and the Sun in Sagittarius. This week we may deepen commitments of an existing relationship, new love or finally receive closure from a past heartbreak.

But, on this path toward newness and romance, there is an obstacle represented by the Moon square Saturn in Pisces, so something needs to be learned or overcome to make the choices you need to. This is your moment of realizing precisely what it is that means the most to you and what it is that you genuinely want for your relationship, regardless of what it may be. Because to honor your inner desires is to honor your truth, which is what it means to embody your divine worth truly.  

On December 1, Mercury the planet of communication shifts into Capricorn. Mercury in Capricorn will encourage you to talk through important issues, make plans and see everything from a more logical grounded perspective. This space will also ensure whatever choice you make is in alignment with your inner value, as Capricorn energy tends to help you reflect on your innate needs in a relationship.

This time, you are also being guided that this is not a race to the finish line but instead a marathon or possibly a triathlon, as this is a process that won't reach fruition until January 2024.

From this point until mid-January, Mercury will retrace its steps as it embarks on its retrograde journey and shifts into Sagittarius before stationing direct and then existing in its retroshade phase.

Forever love is a long game, though, and sometimes delaying gratification or quick fixes in this moment is precisely what enables you to build the relationship you have always deserved.  

How the waning Moon and Mercury entering Capricorn improves relationships for these four zodiac signs mid-week:

1. Sagittarius, you see things as they are.

Pay close attention to anything to events that took place earlier this week, as it is the ruler of your romantic sector, so you know something is being brought to fruition around this time. The Moon in Gemini will bring events that began around the New Moon in Gemini on June 19, full circle, as you are able to see the results of the seeds you planted. If there is anything you want to change, you will be able to. In many ways, with the Moon in Gemini and Sun and Mars in your sign of Sagittarius, you need to ensure that the relationship you choose is enabling you to live the life you dream of and not restricting it.  

As a zodiac sign that doesn't just desire freedom but craves it on a soul-deep level, you need to not just be in love with your partner but inspired by them as well. If you feel as if your relationship has become more restrictive, or if your ability to explore, travel or simply grow has been affected by the union, don't automatically assume it's them. Try to open your mind and see what you have had a hand in creating, as this may be a chance to renegotiate the terms of your relationship instead of just leaving it on the wayside in pursuit of new possibilities. 

Mercury will shift into Capricorn as the energy of the Moon in Gemini wanes, so use this to reflect on the values you hold within your heart — along with your self-worth. The thing is that to have a relationship be a source of inspiration, you actually have to know that you are worthy of that and already be in alignment with your inner values. By giving yourself some time to process what arises, taking an honest look at yourself, and holding space for conversation with your partner, you may just discover you already have the love you've already dreamed of.  

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2. Pisces, you experience love and support.

Remember what it is that goes into you creating the life and home that you desire and need. Gemini energy rules your domestic sector, which involves a committed relationship, family and the home you share. As another sign that represents duality, like yours does, you need to find the balance between both extremes.

Gemini may encourage you to focus on what you dream of versus what you need, while your sign of Pisces may help you understand more about your inner desires and truth. Allow yourself not to sacrifice your needs because the stars are always tugging on your soul to understand or explore a deeper part of life.  

The Gemini Moon will be opposite Mars and Sun in Sagittarius, which creates a space between your home, family and professional life. You may feel like your career is taking off in new directions, or you've had to put in a great deal of work lately, which has taken you away from investing in the parts of your life that truly are of great meaning to you.

At this moment, the Moon will also be square with Saturn in Pisces, which means to create what you desire, you're going to have to be committed to doing the work. The work and life balance you crave does exist, but you also need to ensure you're not putting your relationship or romantic life on the back burner until everything else is perfect.  

Mercury in Capricorn will help you gain the valuable perspective of friends and family, which can help you understand and see things from a new lens. Allow yourself to open up and discuss with those closest to you what you've been going through, as just because you tend to be the counselor for everyone in your life doesn't mean they can't be there for you, too.

There is a space of quiet resolution here, but it has more to do with how you divide your time up and priorities than your partner, so be mindful of making an issue theirs that they don't actually have to carry. Take some time and let yourself fall in love with your partner all over again by honoring what is more important to you.  

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3. Aquarius, are happy with life.

When you decide to embrace your happiness, you also begin to radiate that vibration to the universe, allowing you to attract exactly what you desire. The Gemini Moon affect your joy, family and romantic commitments, which also means that there might be a significant development in your relationship this week. If you've been discussing commitment or how to build a life together, this week could bring an engagement or the choice to move in together as you deepen your romantic bond with one another.  

This week can be about infusing your relationship with a much-needed dose of happiness, especially if things have felt rather rough recently. This will allow you to open yourself back up to your partner and once again feel into the space of togetherness that you have created.

Because the Moon is opposite Mars and Sun in Sagittarius, it may involve being able to practice boundaries with others in your life so that you can create the quality time you need right now to heal or simply reconnect with one another.

Don't be afraid to put your phone on silent and have some moments of a staycation in the coming week, as a relationship really is only about the two people in it. You need that time to be able to move through everything else that life will inevitably bring.  

As Mercury shifts into Capricorn at the end of the week, there will be some opportunities for deep conversation as this energy will highlight your healing, dreams and intuition. Allow yourself to surrender into a space of dreaming with your partner, invite them into your inner world and let them see the parts of you that the rest of the world may not. This is what builds a connection with your romantic partner, unlike anything else you have, which means it's also a garden that needs to be tended to in order to grow. As you do, you'll come to feel that rush of love and confirmation that this is the love that has always been meant for you.

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4. Scorpio, the changes you want are taking place.

As a sign that is known for its transformative nature, you might be growing tired of all the changes you've been ushered through in recent years. Yet, at the same time, you still crave more. It's okay to feel tired because life has been intense, and it's also okay to still want there to be bigger changes that ensue to help bring you closer to your dreams. Remember that you always have the power to set the boundaries that you need to feel your best — which is also what allows you to show up in your relationship as your best self. 

The Moon in Gemini activated your house of transformation, intimacy and life partners, making this a pivotal moment for any romantic themes that have been ongoing since the New Moon in June. This has been a part of you being flexible and letting things change as you learn and grow, yet now there is a crucial point that everything is reaching, especially with the Moon opposite Mars and Sun in Sagittarius lighting up your sector of value and self-worth.

You can make the decisions you need to feel like your relationship and life align with your values and worth. This has been a monumental theme in your life this year, but with Mercury shifting to Capricorn, there may be opportunities for important conversations to arise.  

The best way to clear up any misunderstandings or confusion in love is by having a conversation, but sometimes, you need to wait until you're feeling fully ready for that. Now that you understand more of what kind of relationship you want and are worthy of, you may find yourself embarking on important conversations where you reestablish boundaries and agreements with your partner.

Let yourself remember that in a healthy relationship, conversations will only serve to bring you closer together, so there is nothing to fear. As you progress through this, you may have to revisit certain themes early next year, but for now, never underestimate the power of how knowing your worth can dramatically and positively affect your romantic relationship.  

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