3 Zodiac Signs Who Could Feel Unloved On November 16, 2023

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This day brings us a different perspective: on November 16, 2023, we are not going to simply feel whatever it is that we feel when it comes to love; we are going to get to the bottom of that feeling.

We are analytical and curious, and as November can sometimes bring about feelings of depression or sadness, now is the day to figure out why we feel this way.

During the transit of Moon sextile Saturn, we are going to notice that we don't feel as loved as we'd like to feel. Is this based on someone actually rejecting us, or are we just making too much out of a baseless feeling? While it's possible that we feel unloved on November 16, 2023, is there a reason why we feel this way?

This day is for getting to the bottom of our unfounded, dark or paranoid feelings about how others feel about us. What the transit of Moon sextile Saturn does is that it allows us the space to explore those thoughts. 

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For three zodiac signs, this day could potentially be a great day for self-discovery and the unearthing of hidden fears. November 16, 2023, may also help us to feel more at ease with our doubtful assumptions.

Three zodiac signs feel unloved on November 16, 2023, due to the Moon conjunct Saturn:


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You have often felt as though you were on the outside looking in, as they say when it comes to love. You've fallen into that trap where you compare your life to the lives of others, and you imagine that everyone is happier than you are, especially when it comes to love and romance. On the surface, it appears to you that everyone is living out their romantic dreams in big, bold ways, and there you are, settling for less, wondering when your ship will come in.

On November 16, 2023, you will experience a sort of 'witnessing' going on, meaning that because of the transit Moon sextile Saturn, you will be able to back away from your life in order to look at it objectively.

You will witness your own life from a neutral standpoint. You will see that your main problem is that you can't stop comparing yourself to others, and you've automatically assumed that they have what you want and that you never will have what they have.

So much of your feeling of being unloved is in your mind, as you actually are loved; what you aren't doing is living in a perfect world where everything plays out according to your perfect script of expectations.



Moon sextile Saturn really wakes you up and has you realize that what you have is not so bad after all and that your feelings of being unloved are ungrounded and bordering on ungrateful.

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You have been feeling unloved for quite some time, and while some of that might be based on reality, as you may be having some issues on the romantic front, you might notice that a lot of your problem has to do with expectations gone unfulfilled. On November 16, 2023, you will come to terms with the idea that your feelings of being unloved are actually supported by your own need to feel bad. Once you notice this, everything will change.

You don't like to think that you are part of this or that the idea of 'wanting to feel bad' could ever be a 'thing,' and yet, look at your feelings, Capricorn. Yes, it's one thing to feel down about one's love life, but it's another to sit and stew in the idea that you are unloved, and so now, that's how you see yourself. Unloved and all alone. This is not your identity, and with the transit of Moon sextile Saturn, you will recognize that you don't have to take it this far.



Because you are a practical and reasonable thinker, you will figure something out about yourself: feeling bad is a safe place. You've started to feel comfortable when you feel sorry for yourself.

Once you get that idea into your head, you'll see how ridiculous it is and that you have the choice to feel better about your situation.

You may feel unloved now, but tomorrow is another day. Don't plan on feeling unloved tomorrow; give this belief up.

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You are smart enough to check yourself before you let your imagination go too far because if you start to think that your partner doesn't love you as much as you'd like them to, you might unravel ... and that's where Moon sextile Saturn comes in to rescue you.

On November 16, 2023, you are going to see just how in control of your mind you are as you notice how far you let yourself go when it comes to paranoia and feeling as though you are unloved.

Sure, maybe your partner isn't giving you the attention you need, and that's an issue that definitely needs to be paid attention to. However, this doesn't mean they don't love you.

Maybe what you're looking for — in them — is not love but ... attention, compassion and concern.

During the transit of Moon sextile Saturn, you will open your eyes and see that the buck doesn't stop with feeling uncared for; there are underlying causes here and on this day, you will discover them.



This transit is so helpful to you, but you have to be open to seeing and accepting the truth. It's one thing to feel unloved, but it's another to accept it as a lifestyle and do nothing about it.

November 16 opens up the gates for you to explore the reasons why you feel what you feel. Your feelings are valid, but the reasons for having them are not only rooted in feeling unloved; there's more to this, and you will uncover the real reasons.

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