These 3 Specific Zodiac Signs Are Luckiest In Love November 16

This isn't some fantasy world and ideals cannot play a role here.

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On a day when we have Moon sextile Saturn, Moon trine Jupiter and Moon square Venus, we'd hardly attribute our good fortune to this transit. It seems that if luck in love is our karma, then we owe a debt of gratitude to the Capricorn Moon. Of all the transits that benefit us on this day, it's the Capricorn Moon that does us the biggest favor of them all.

For three zodiac signs, we'll see that favor come to us in the form of common sense. We never really take the idea of common sense into mind when we think about our love lives.


We tend to measure things like passion, honesty and interest ... and while all these things are important, there's something to being realistic. Simply put: being realistic about the romance and the partner.

During the Capricorn Moon on November 16, 2023, three zodiac signs are going to understand that if our love lives are to work out, then they must work out in real life. This isn't some fantasy world and ideals cannot play a role here.


The day will have us coming down to Earth in a very productive and meaningful way. This is the day we start to make sense of our relationships.

These three zodiac signs are going to be the luckiest in love on November 16, 2023:

1. Taurus, you're seeing signs of change in your partner, and that's why you feel luckiest in love right now.

It's the Capricorn Moon that does the trick for you, November 16, 2023. it will be because of this transit that you are able to clearly see your relationship for what it's worth. Is the person you are with worth all the toil and effort you've put into this relationship, and are they paying off how you hoped they would? You sure have put in the time, Taurus, but the interesting part is that it seems they are finally starting to come around.

All this is good news for you, as it shows you that you can't just walk away from it, even though you've considered doing just that for a while.

The point is... if you stuck around for this long, it's because you wanted it to work. Now that you're starting to see 'signs of life' in your partner, you can see where this is going. You need to make sense of your efforts. You hung in there, and now it's working. Will you walk away now? No, you won't.


In fact, during the transit of the Capricorn Moon on November 16, 2023, you will see that you were right to stick with it and that your instincts were correct. You knew your partner would eventually come around to claim their place in the Sun beside you, and it's all starting to pay off. This is what happens when the practical side of the Capricorn Moon comes to your rescue. You win.

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2. Libra, your empathetic nature makes you the luckiest in love on November 16.

During the Capricorn Moon on November 16, 2023, you will happily come to realize that being discreet was a good idea. What does this mean? It means that, rather than make a big deal about something that could have become the beginning of the end where your romantic relationship is concerned, you pulled away, gave it some room and, with discretion, chose your words correctly so that you could understand your partner's motives.

Rather than jump to a conclusion, you listen — with your good ears, as they say, and you let the Capricorn Moon guide you. You aren't interested in speaking over your partner as they explain themselves, as you are genuinely curious as to what is going on in their minds.


When you hear them out, you'll laugh to yourself at your tendency to take things too far. It seems they were completely innocent and that there is nothing for you to worry about at all.

So, with the Capricorn Moon at your side, you spare yourself a whole slew of unjustified suspicions. You may have thought that your partner was lying to you or perhaps even cheating on you; they weren't. You read the cues wrong, and it's because of the Capricorn Moon that you can stop yourself before you create a drama that turns into a tragic performance. 

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3. Aquarius, being a good listener is why you'll be lucky in love on this day.

The day works so well for you and brings you such relief that you might want to pat yourself on the back by the end of the day for being such a good sport with everything. November 16, 2023, brings you the Capricorn Moon, and with it comes an awakened ability in you to weigh things carefully before acting on them. When it comes to your love life, your romance benefits from this kind of care. You are smart, and you are doing the right thing.


What comes up this day is the idea that the two of you need to iron out a few issues together. You will listen to them, and they will listen to you. Because you're able to keep an even keel, everything that you discuss will conclude politely. While this doesn't bring on a moment of heated passion, you've realized that politeness and calm play just as important roles in the relationship as passion and romance.

This transit allows you to appreciate your partner without any kind of expectation.

During the Capricorn Moon, you feel that what you have with this person is something that is based on reality rather than on some kind of ideal that you're both trying to achieve. This gives you great satisfaction and security. To know that you are together for all the right reasons is a tremendous relief to you both.


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