3 Zodiac Signs Fling Becomes Exclusive On November 15, 2023

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Three zodiac signs will want to take a fling into an exclusive relationship thanks to the Mercury sextile Neptune transit. Starting November 15, 2023, if we dream big, we mean to actualize our dreams. We aren't here to mess around.

We have no interest in pretending that we didn't have an agenda when we got into the fun fling we started a while back.

The thing with the fling is that it became more than fun; it became serious, and now, we want what we came for: an exclusive relationship with the person we have gotten involved with.

For three zodiac signs, life is too short to think that we shouldn't grab the best opportunities that come our way and being that during today's exquisite transit, Mercury sextile Neptune, lets us see very clearly what we want, we will, indeed, go for it.

It's time to grab those opportunities, and fortunately, ours is already built in. The person we've been having fun with on a non-committal basis? Well, they've lasted until this day, and that, for these three zodiac signs, is all we need in order to know what our next move will be.

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We are open to the subject of staying together exclusively with our non-committal partner. On November 15, they agreed that this is the best idea yet.

Three zodiac signs whose fling becomes exclusive on November 15, 2023:


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You've known all along that having a fling wasn't your first interest, but it was also a pretty good way to get to know someone before committing. This person that you've been in a semi-relationship with is a good person, and they not only interest you on a very profound level, but you feel as though your compatibility is not something you should take lightly. When you come across someone of this quality, you believe you should be with them exclusively.

They have given you signs as well, as they don't seem to want to call it a 'fling' any longer. During the transit of Mercury sextile Neptune on November 15, 2023, you both will come to agree that what you have is not something that should be taken lightly and while that doesn't mean you have to instantly sign a contract, it does imply that you'd like to take your relationship to the next step at least. You are both willing to become each other's exclusive partners. Mutually agreed upon.

Mercury sextile Neptune inspires conversation and imagination, and these topics are easy for you both to get into.

What you might find happening today is that you both sit down and talk about the future, what you want to do together, and how you'd like to build your special relationship into something even greater. You are both able to envision a day that has you growing even closer. What started out as a fling has now blossomed into a full-blown exclusive love affair.

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When you put your mind to something, it happens. You've always been this way, and honestly, you are very picky about what you commit to. And, if what you commit to is a person, then you go all in. On November 15, 2023, you will know that the person you've been casually dating is someone you'd like to go further with. Having a fling is fun, but as you've come to know, it's not all there is, and you'd like to try for 'more' with the person you are present with.

You're going to find that on this day, the transit of Mercury sextile Neptune is particularly helpful to you when it comes to expressing what's on your mind.

Now, you wouldn't be doing any of this if you didn't already feel, in your gut, that the person you're involved with didn't feel the same. They do; in fact, they might beat you to the punch when it comes to bringing up the topic of going exclusive. Fling time is over; it's time to call in the chips.



Mercury sextile Neptune is also instrumental in showing you both that there really is a future for the two of you and that it can only be reached IF you take each other seriously enough to consider the relationship an exclusive one. Right now, Virgo, you need the power of union; you need to know that the ground you stand on isn't shaky, and on this day, November 15, 2023, you will know for sure that you've just laid the first brick in the foundation.

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The entire idea of having a fling was somebody else's right from the beginning, but you have to thank whoever it was who suggested it because it was the fling you're having right now that has led you to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Today is November 15, 2023 and you might want to call this your Day One. All anniversaries will be marked with this date from here on in as you take your fling and make it your exclusive relationship.

You have the astrological transit of Mercury sextile Neptune supporting you, but it's also inspiring you to choose your words — and your dreams correctly.

This is a day of sharing, but you don't want to scare your partner away, so you use the power that is inherent in this transit for the purpose of finessing your words. You want an exclusive relationship with your partner; the days of fun and frolic are over or perhaps just beginning.



You are quite adamant about keeping the fun in the relationship, but you don't want to think that there's no foundation to work on. That's when you bring up the idea of making this into something more; you want an exclusive relationship here, a love affair to last the ages, and while yes, you are a hopeless romantic, you happen to be in the company of another hopeless romantic who will gladly join forces with you, creating an exclusive bond, together.

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