How The New Moon Improves Relationships For 4 Zodiac Signs This Week

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which four zodiac signs new moon improves relationships this week november 2023

Four zodiac signs experience improvements to their existing relationships the week of the New Moon. If you're a Taurus, Aries, Cancer or Leo, use the energy of the Scorpio New Moon to dig deeper into the mysteries of your relationship while you bring about a new beginning in your romantic life.

Scorpio is a passionate, intense zodiac sign that helps you seek a more profound connection with your partner. This energy won't only spur powerful emotional conversations but also hints at the positive transformations that can occur within your relationship.

When you can embrace the purpose of your love, you also can embark on a journey to enjoy it all. 

New Moons are a time to plant the seeds for what you hope you will reap in the future. In Scorpio, you are being asked to honor your desires for depth and connection while also recognizing that it may take other changes in your life to acquire that.

In Scorpio, this New Moon is conjunct Mars, which will inspire drastic action, such as the announcement of feelings or the desire to improve your relationship in all the ways you seek.

While the New Moon is conjunct with Mars, inspiring action and forward momentum toward the future, it is opposite Uranus in Taurus, which means chance divine encounters or unexpected declarations of love are something that you should prepare yourself for. 

While New Moons tend to traditionally bring more peace as you quietly set intentions for what you hope will grow, this one will be felt more intensely as the unexpected and passionate intensity will seep into every facet of your heart.

Under Scorpio energy, you are being asked to embrace your deepest passion and your wildest desires and to honor your truth as you create the relationship of your dreams. This is a time to step into the transformation process as you open to receive the love you've always desired — even if it may come unexpectedly.  

How the New Moon improves relationships for four zodiac signs this week:


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Set your sights on what you want to bring or change within your romantic relationship, as the Scorpio New Moon brings a multitude of new possibilities into your life. Scorpio rules your romantic sector and helps you to honor both the logical needs of a relationship and the deep soul connection you desire. With the previous eclipse cycle of Taurus and Scorpio having just finished with the Full Moon in Taurus at the end of October, you should now be in the position to take all you've learned and put it into creating a powerful wave of change in your romantic life.  

Scorpio energy will create a need for emotional depth and connection, so creating time for important conversations or just those that may be thought-provoking, will help you build the connection that you are seeking.

This will be felt in there is a need not just for emotional connection or stability in the relationship you've created but truly the passionate nature of feeling like you are in the relationship that is meant for you. As you honor these feelings, which was the very thing the past eclipse cycle came to help you learn, you can embrace your need for a mental and spiritual connection in your romantic relationship, which will help to improve any recent challenges.  

However, even with the possibility of a loving intensity this weekend, there may still be an air of unpredictability about how things end up going. The Scorpio New Moon is opposite Uranus in your zodiac sign of Taurus, which means you may have a sudden change of heart that inspires you to take your romantic life in a new direction. Just remember this doesn't mean it has to mean a break-up, but instead, genuinely nurturing and building the connection that can continue to flourish in the coming years.  

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When you can honor your passionate intensity for life, you also allow situations to transform to allow greater alignment. After a period of building up your confidence and trusting your inner voice, you're now in the position to be able to make the changes you've been seeking, but you need to make sure you're speaking up about what matters to you. This isn't a time for second-guessing yourself or trying to water anything down to make it easier for others. Only by boldly speaking your truth can you create a life from that sacred space within yourself.  

Scorpio energy rules over themes of passion, intimacy and transformation within your life, which are monumental aspects of who you are. You are a passionate person, and because of that, you crave a unique soul connection. You want to feel connected to your partner, and even that this connection might be destined in the stars. Just because you may have to move through a process of learning to honor this truth doesn't mean it's any less important to you. The only way to create it is to embrace that what you need from love may not follow any rules but is something that genuinely excites your soul.  



The Scorpio New Moon creates possibilities for intense change and moments within your romantic life. However, even if they happen unexpectedly, you must trust that the only way to live the life you desire is by embracing the process, no matter how it arrives.

Focus on trusting yourself and your partnership's needs and then allow yourself to speak up.

Whether it's declaring your feelings or intentions in a new relationship or the desire for more in an existing one, right now, you are holding all the cards, and your partner will be open to receiving them. You just need to be the one to make the first move.  

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Whatever makes you happy is worth pursuing, but to do that, you also must start prioritizing your feelings over others. This may be foreign to you, despite having so much astrology recently trying to help you do just that. As you dive into the waters of the Scorpio New Moon, along with Pluto making some groundbreaking final moves in Capricorn, you are being asked to commit to doing things differently. That means that for you to realize the best way you can love others is first to love yourself with the same ferocity.  

The Scorpio New Moon rises in the area of your life that governs pleasure, joy and commitment. Take this as a reminder that your relationship should contribute to your overall quality of life. If love isn't making you or your life better, then the question is whether it's truly love. Allow yourself to embrace the harsh truth Scorpio sometimes brings and realize that it's never too late to make things better, but to do that, you have to embrace what it is you want and what makes you happy. This doesn't mean you have to become someone different in order to be loved in all the ways you desire, but only that you need your love, too.  

As the Scorpio New Moon rises, asteroid Pallas shifts into Scorpio as well, inspiring you to fight for what it is that you most want. In this case, that's your divine right to be happy.

Yet, to experience complete joy, you must also learn to start walking from a more authentic place in your life as you learn that to create the relationship you desire with another, you first need to honor the one with yourself.

As you learn that only you can decide what makes you happy or what aligns with the desires of your heart, you will start to move in more authentic ways. You may surprise your partner in the coming week with a change of mind or perspective, but remember that you are worth being loved for all of who you are, even if that means that person changes and grows as you learn more about yourself.  

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4. LEO

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It's never enough for love to look good from the outside; instead, you desire one that truly resonates and feels good to your soul. This has been part of your journey of self-work to learn as you realize you are worthy of having all your needs met, defying the rules and creating whatever feels right for you. Yet, this can be easier to conceive of than necessarily put into practice. Your time is coming, and under the alchemy of the Scorpio New Moon, you will be inspired to create a relationship and life of greater meaning and purpose. As long as you allow yourself to embrace the changes within yourself and your life, then you also stand to create everything you've always desired.  

Scorpio rules your home, family and domestic relationship, which infuses you with passion regarding these matters in your life. You want the connection and depth, but to genuinely build that, you must release that it must look a certain way.

This aspect of the unexpected or unpredictable is one that will be emphasized as Uranus in Taurus will be opposite this lunation as it inspires you to know your worth and make sure that you are honoring your desires.

With Uranus in Taurus being activated, there may be possibilities of a workplace romance or a significant move, that is, career-related, which will usher in new beginnings to your life. To make the most of it, ensure you are releasing any expectations for how you thought life would go and be ready to receive the unexpected miracles on their way to you.  



During the Scorpio New Moon, it's essential to focus on what you emotionally need over any specific physical aspects of life. This means honoring the desire for connection and meaning over the security of a particular person or place, as there will be new changes coming in during this lunation, but they are all for your benefit. Trust that things not going how you envisioned can actually be the very thing needed to attract all you have ever desired, and then let it all go as you create space for the life and love you've always wanted.  

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