3 Zodiac Signs May Be Unable To Commit To Love On November 10

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If honesty is the best policy, we have to assume that whatever the truth is, when it's spoken aloud, it has to be the best for us. On this day, November 10, 2023, three zodiac signs will be telling their truth. That is because during today's transit, Mercury in Sagittarius, the truth is the only thing that has any real value to the person speaking it.

What we're going to see today is a moment of realization. Three zodiac signs are going to realize something about their lives that is not only important but must be said and must be honored. During the transit of Mercury in Sagittarius, we who know in our hearts that we are not ready to commit to a relationship will step up out of the shadows ... and we will speak.



Mercury in Sagittarius encourages freethinking and free speech. Being that Sagittarius is the zodiac sign in question here today, 'freedom' is what it's all about. While everything might be just fine and dandy in our love lives, we know that we're not at that place right now. Our partner might want more out of us than we're willing to give, and if we are to live our lives in the truth, then we are going to have to offer them our truth, which, hopefully, they will be able to embrace.

Three zodiac signs who are unable to commit to love on November 10, 2023.

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

What you are about to know as your truth on this day, November 10, 2023, is that you've made a serious mistake in getting involved with the person you are presently with. They have taken advantage of your good nature, and now, you've gotten yourself into a financial bind. You've started to see that this person isn't as responsible as you'd hope they are when it comes to money and finances, and now, you are growing in debt, all because they haven't helped you out.

This was supposed to be your 'big romance,' the one that would make you feel safe and secure for the rest of your life. Yet, during Mercury in Sagittarius, all you're seeing is that this person is lazy and unwilling to hold their weight. You are not here to carry them, and you won't. Committing to them was a huge mistake, and now, you want out. This is the perfect transit to get your nerve up and say what needs to be said, Taurus.

While this is a very sad state of being, it's also one that allows you to see the future. While you are hopeful and trusting that the future only holds light and beauty for you, it's 'getting there' that presents a problem to you. Right now, you are stuck with this burdensome person; you need to extract yourself. You may have wanted commitment at one point, but those days are over. Kaput. Done.

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2. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

While you know that your inability to commit is backtracking, you know that you can no longer accept what is going on. This meanshttps://www.yourtango.com/self/types-of-emotional-vampires that on November 10, 2023, during the freedom-seeking transit of Mercury in Sagittarius, you will want to take a step out of the committed relationship you are in because, honestly, you can't take it anymore. You signed up for this mess. Yes, you did, but that doesn't mean you have to spend the rest of your life in it.

It's not as though you haven't tried your hardest to make things work. You sold yourself the idea that being in a committed relationship was indeed a great thing, and it might have been if it didn't have this feeling of dread all over it. You don't see your partner as 'getting better.' In fact, it's as if they've given themselves over to their worst nature, and that's all they offer you now: the worst of themselves.

You have wondered why this is something you have to stay with, as it is, after all, your life here. You no longer see the point of staying in a relationship that promises you only doom and gloom, and being that you are still here, still alive and functioning, you see no point in adding to your pain. Commitment stifles you in every way. Yes, this realization comes too late, but during the transit of Mercury in Sagittarius, you aren't convinced that anything is 'too late.'

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

You are very much in touch with what's going on in your body, meaning, if something is wrong ... you feel it physically. You get stomach aches, headaches, and such, and on November 10, 2023, you are going to recognize that something is, indeed, wrong as it's taking a toll on your physical health. What you will see very shortly is that what's going wrong is the idea of being committed to the person you are with.

This is not what you asked for, and while they seem to want the whole kit and caboodle, you are not that willing to give up your freedom for their ideal. In fact, during the transit of Mercury in Sagittarius, you feel extremely agitated by the idea of having to sign away your personal space simply because that's what someone else wants ... and all under the name of 'love.' Is this love, or is this imprisonment?

November 10 will have you questioning yourself as to why you say 'yes' to things you don't want to agree to. You know that you are not the commitment type, and yet you've agreed to get into this kind of arrangement for reasons you aren't sure of. Now, it hits you, and that's because, during Mercury in Sagittarius, we can't lie to ourselves. You, Aquarius, are a person who needs to know themselves as independent. This is your life, and at this time, you feel as though it's being sucked away from you.

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