3 Zodiac Signs Fall In Love With Their Friend On November 7, 2023

Falling in love with your friend isn't something you expect to happen.

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Let's face it: romantic love isn't something that can be easily defined, and as soon as we try to keep it in a box, we find that all we've done is limit ourselves to an idea that may just be outdated. We fall in love with ... people. Sometimes, those people are 'just' our friends. When we fall in love with our friends, we listen to the noise of society, and that noise tells us that we're wrong, out of place and being ridiculous.


On November 7, 2023, we will shut off that noise and listen to the one sound that really and truly makes sense: the sound of our hearts beating for that one person who does the trick for us. When the transit of Moon trine Jupiter is in the sky, we are open. We don't care what others think, and we aren't here to please some mass crowd's sense of expectation. We fall in love, and that's the way that goes.



Three zodiac signs may not know it, but they are about to fall in love with their friends ... that's if they haven't fallen already, which they more than likely have. Does this lead to a romantic situation? It could. That's certainly NOT off the table. What will be, will be, and for the three zodiac signs that will be listening to their hearts on this day, November 7, 2023, during Moon trine Jupiter, falling in love is a warm and inviting condition that has us saying 'yes' to it — no matter who it's with.


Three zodiac signs fall in love with their friends on November 7, 2023:

1. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

All you've ever wanted was to be loved. You went down the path that everyone goes down, and you found yourself a person who could love you, but that person never really excited you. They were wonderful and reliable, but if you are truly honest with yourself, they were simply there to fulfill your need to be loved and cared for. A worthy idea, for sure, but there was always something missing. Perhaps what was missing was ... mystery.

On November 7, 2023, you will feel the presence of the grand and powerful transit of Moon trine Jupiter, and it will show you that what you have with your friend is a much greater experience than what you have with your so-called romantic partner. Oh, nothing is going to change; you're not leaving your partner for your friend, and you never will ... but you know where your heart lies, and it's with your friend, not your partner.

Your friend has always held a place in your heart that no one else could touch. Is this feeling romantic? Of course, it is, but it's not necessarily physical. With your friend, you can do anything, and things like 'bodies' don't restrict anything because everything you do with your friend is mental, emotional ... played out on a different field. There are no 'bills to pay' or chores to do in this romance. Your friendship allows you to be free, to fantasize, to live a secret life ... something only the two of you know about.


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2. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

Living out some fantasy created by the expectations of society is the last thing you'll ever adhere to in this lifetime, and you know it, Sagittarius. You are the outlier, and you don't care what people think of you. This isn't because you're naturally rebellious; this is all because you can't lie to yourself. You won't be in a relationship that doesn't come with it all, and being that your needs are not the needs of everyone else, you'll fall in love with whomever you want to.

You've been down that road before where you fall in love with the right person, and everyone applauds your choice because, after all, they are the 'right' person in everyone's eyes. On November 7, 2023, during the familiar transit of Moon trine Jupiter, you will laugh at the world and go about your own business your way. You will fall in love with your friend, and you will watch as others balk and clutch their pearls over the idea that you are not doing what's expected of you.


Hey, this is your life, and no one can tell you how to live it. You have always loved this one person, and what you get out of them is your business, not anyone else's. You've learned over the years that trust is hard to come by and it's not necessarily a given when it comes to 'normal' romantic relationships. You know who's right for you, and that's your friend. Your friend is the love of your life, and if there's someone out there who can't dig it, then let them eat cake.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

Falling in love with your friend isn't something you expected to happen, but on November 7, 2023, during Moon trine Jupiter, you're going to see that, oh well, it happened. You won't question it because you aren't someone who thinks twice about what you feel is authentic and real. What's real is the love you have for this person who isn't supposed to be your romantic interest ... and yet, here they are, very real, very much someone you can love with your whole heart.


Why not? Is this life not difficult enough just trying to please everyone's idea of what is right and what is wrong? You are way over the idea of fitting in so that you can be accepted, and that happens to coincide with the fact that you are deeply in love with a friend of yours. Yes, you've questioned yourself, and you've allowed yourself all the doubt that was necessary in coming up with your outcome. You have one outcome: you are in love with your friend. They are in love with you, too.

Well, that worked out. Now, if all the people could just go back to their seats and settle down, it would be terrific. The last thing you want is to be paid attention to, and during Moon trine Jupiter, the only kind of attention you might want is the kind your good friend gives you in their special way. Your love is the kind that lasts; you trust them, and you want nothing more of them than to live in peace, in that trust, in that sweet, sweet love.

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