3 Zodiac Signs Luck In Love Runs Out On November 7, 2023

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Mercury trine Neptune on November 7

When we think of running out of luck, we are under the impression that we are somehow allowed a certain amount of luck and if we don't seize that luck when it's available to us, then we miss out ... the well has dried up and there are no chances left for us. We may tend to feel this way on November 7, 2023, as the transit of Mercury trine Neptune has us imagining many things that are not exactly 'real.'

What this means is that, for three zodiac signs, we may feel as though we have nothing left, that, in terms of love and romance, we might have just missed the last boat. We aren't thinking straight. We've recently experienced something that feels like the door has been shut on us, and we might not be able to get past it ... at least, that's how these three zodiac signs feel on this particular day.



We haven't run out of luck on this day, but we can't help but feel as though we aren't getting what we think everyone else is getting. We are in a state of constant comparison. We think that the entire world is in love and has found its perfect mate, and here we are, lonely and without someone to love. This is how Mercury trine Neptune works on this day, November 7, 2023.

Three zodiac signs luck in love runs out on November 7, 2023:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

Ordinarily, you don't think of yourself as someone who is left out of 'any' club, meaning that if there's luck to be had, you'll find it. However, on November 7, during Mercury trine Neptune, you might be feeling a little more negative than usual when it comes to 'getting your share of the pie.' You feel that, maybe it's true. Maybe love isn't part of your destiny, and something as simple as falling in love and settling down with someone just isn't your fate.

You never like to think of yourself as a person who 'can't' have something, and you've created your life in such a way that everything leads to the idea that you 'can' have everything you want. That is everything but the person you want. On November 7, 2023, you will feel the sting of this realization. The one person whom you really want as your life partner is just not going to become that, and that makes you feel as though you've just run out of luck.

Luck is not something you believe in, either ... you feel as though luck is just another word for the results of your effort. Luck is a result, not a state of wishful thinking. Even though you try to stay positive and affirm yourself into being the person you want to be, you can't manifest this one person into your life ... as your partner. This makes you sad and deflates you a bit. You feel as though  marks the day you've 'run out of luck in love.'

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2. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

One of the reasons why you feel as though you've run out of luck when it comes to love is because you can't help but feel like life is just passing you by. You think that everyone else is living a happy, content, romantic life, and you've started to wonder if, perhaps, being happy in love just isn't in your karmic playlist. During the transit of Mercury trine Neptune, you'll take this kind of thinking so far that you'll think that love simply 'passed you by.'

That's not to say that you are feeling sorry for yourself on this day, November 7, 2023 ... you're not. In fact, there isn't a shred of self-pity in you; you are being very realistic with yourself when you believe that love really isn't in your destiny. Of course, this may not be true, but you are a practical being, and you need to make sense of this transit ... and this feeling. The only conclusion you can come up with is that you've run out of luck when it comes to romance.

If this weren't the truth, then why would you be lonely right now, even when you are involved with someone? The irony of it all is that you fell in love with someone, settled down with them, and you're still not feeling it. It's as if you are now locked into a loveless relationship, and you can't get out of it. During Mercury trine Neptune, this feeling of hopelessness will be exacerbated. What could help you is a change of attitude, Capricorn. All is not lost.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

Love. What even is that? Oh, it's not as if you haven't experienced the throes of it, and you've built so much of your life around the idea of love ... but love ... as in 'real love?' Is there such a thing as real love, and if so, why has it not been in your life in any kind of realistic or long-lasting way? On November 7, 2023, you will ponder this question. Why have you not found your long-lasting love? Have you simply run out of luck where this is concerned?

What's at the heart of this kind of feeling is the transit of Mercury trine Neptune, which will have you reminiscing over the many ideals that you have when it comes to love and romance. You might even tell yourself that your dreams are too big to be made into realities or that the kind of love you crave only exists in the movies. What you'll feel most of all is the lack of it and how lonely it makes you feel, simply because you want it so bad.

During Mercury trine Neptune, the tendency for Aquarius to reflect on their losses is at an all-time high. You feel as though you aren't asking for much, and you won't be able to stop comparing your life to the imagined life that you believe others are living. Is everyone in the world happier than you? Oh, Aquarius, of course not. Everyone is going through their own thing. You haven't run out of luck in love; you've just fallen into that pit of overthinking. Things will get better for you in time.

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