The Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve The Most This Week

Allow the finality of endings to wash away all that was so your heart can have the new beginning it needs.

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All that was, no longer is. The only guarantee in life and love is that time will continue its curious unraveling until the past becomes such a distant memory that you're no longer sure if it was all real or only a dream. It's the moment of awakening, of clearing away the rubble, misfortune or heartbreak and finally allowing yourself to see the new hopeful green buds beginning to blossom.  

In the week of October 23, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus brings an end to a series of events and lessons that have been playing out in your romantic life since November 2021. In the past two years, the Taurus and Scorpio Eclipses have encouraged you to find a balance of passion and stability.


To learn that the longer you try to hold the darkness of the truth in, the more it will deteriorate the foundation you're trying to build. Taurus and Scorpio were meant to help you excavate the truth about your romantic cycles and learn to choose between what your heart desires and your soul needs.

As you near the final eclipse on the Taurus and Scorpio axis, you are reminded that while endings are guaranteed in life, so are new beginnings. The eclipse two weeks ago was the first of that new beginning as it appeared in Libra and will represent a new series of lessons and opportunities that will carry you through into 2025.




But, here this week, in this divine moment, the most important thing is to let yourself learn what you were meant to do to find peace with the past. Eclipses are not events of doom or destruction but the divine workings of the universe as it cracks open everything that has been oppressing you so the light can finally get inside.  

Whether you are nearing the end of a relationship or the end of a particular romantic belief, it's time to let it go. Release your heart's shackles and acknowledge with grace and certainty why you no longer resonate with it.

This is the cycle of the universe, and while all things may eventually find their end, it's only to create space for the new beginning you are worthy of stepping into. In love, so often, these endings are only meant to be lessons as they point you toward your fate. So, no matter where this week may lead you, you will finally meet the love you've always desired as long as you honor your heart in each step.


The four zodiac signs whose relationships improve the most this week:

1. Scorpio  

The last two years have been wrought with lessons and moments of challenges as you have come to see the truth about your romantic life and why everything has played out as it did. As confronting as it was to face at times, you've been working on setting yourself up to receive the love you desire by leaning into this and honoring the truth when it has been revealed. 

While the eclipses moved through your zodiac sign of Scorpio and Taurus, you've had an opportunity to embrace personal growth and inner child healing to a whole new level. Even though you knew you were on the right path for yourself, it still doesn't mean there was clarity over where it would all lead.

As much as you've known that you needed to see the truth in your romantic patterns, you also still haven't lost that divine dream of what love should be, even in trying to reconcile it with the reality you've lived. You needed this time, though, to utterly understand that until you start to kiss your wounds, giving yourself all the love and care you've always desired, they will be the ones to make your romantic decisions for you.  

The week of October 23 is a powerful one for you as it's time to put everything to rest. Acceptance is just as much an essential part of love as is the truth, and as the final eclipse on the Taurus Scorpio axis lights up the nighttime sky, let yourself receive everything as it is. Create closure, and understand that if there is a lack of logic or explanations, that is an answer.


Instead of trying to figure out more deeply why or how someone could just vanish from your life once your lesson was learned, accept that some questions will never have the answers you're hoping for. Find peace with this final eclipse, whether it means opening to new love or letting the past be put to rest in an existing relationship. Remember that while lovers may come and go, you are the one who will love yourself forever.  

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2. Libra  

Magic occurs when you realize what you deserve from relationships. Instead of thinking if only you loved them more, practiced greater patience or chose to remain silent, they'd finally transform into the type of partner you desire. When you genuinely understand your worth and what has prevented you from stepping into that, you finally allow yourself to create the space to receive what you've always desired.  

The Taurus and Scorpio eclipses have been moving through your sector of self-worth, transformation, intimacy and passion as you've been called to honor your truth and surrender to the process. Sometimes, you can want something for yourself, yet it doesn't mean it's what you need.


Yet, when you can learn your worth and bring healing to what has had you accepting less, you then realize that no matter how much you wish someone would step up into the person that you need if they aren't, then it's only that they're not meant for you. The more you are loving and accepting of yourself, the more you can release any attachment to things playing out in a specific way as you honor your own needs above all others.  

These eclipses have taught you that you transform your connections with others when you drop into your divine worth. As the final eclipse occurs in Taurus, lighting up themes of transformation and intimacy, you will see just how much power you have over the life you create.

A lunar eclipse rules over your emotional self, so this eclipse will be a moment for you to reach a deeper level of awareness over the changes that have occurred in your relationship and to give you the confidence to continue to embrace the process for the future.

An essential aspect of self-worth is not just about what you deserve but also how to be open and vulnerable with your partner without fearing abandonment or feeling like you're too much. Let yourself honor your growth of the past two years, and genuinely show your partner your incredible authentic self because that is the best recipe for the love you've always desired.  


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3. Capricorn  

In life, there is always a lesson of balance at play. For you, this past cycle of lessons has been about determining who you surround yourself with that can positively influence the romantic relationship you choose to commit to. This has also been a journey of happiness, as you've honored what brings you joy and allowed yourself to choose it more fully. Now, one of the most important moments of this cycle has arrived, with you entering a more profound romantic commitment in your relationship.  

In the week of October 23, the final eclipse on the year the current axis will occur in Taurus and usher you toward a greater commitment to all you've been learning and experiencing. This has been a journey of self-discovery, finding your soul group and then letting yourself explore making decisions from the best part of who you've become.

This has led you to take new chances, not just in relationships but in life and if it was scary at times because you felt it tearing at the walls around your heart, you have persisted. By continuing, following your heart, opening to new love and reevaluating those you let in your inner circle, you have created a life that truly resonates with who you are and all you want from life. 


This is a moment to celebrate and recognize that while one journey ends, another is truly beginning. Let yourself go all in with love during the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Embrace opportunities for important conversations, talk about your future and when the aspect of commitment arises, don't let anything that has happened in the past talk you out of the life you've dreamed of.

Things are as good as they seem, but you must trust that and realize situations have improved in your life because of your work and choices, not just coincidentally. The whole purpose of life isn't to have it figured out from the beginning but to trust the process, to learn from those more challenging moments and to always greet life with an open heart. You know you can do anything when you can do this, including opening your heart up to love all over again.  

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4. Aquarius  

As the final eclipse on the Taurus and Scorpio axis occurs, some significant realizations regarding the balance you need between your career and personal life are coming to light. Whether this comes down to making different choices regarding your priorities or how your career affects the decisions you make in your relationship, you are reaching the end of a long journey of understanding exactly what kind of life resonates with your soul.  

The eclipses that have occurred in Taurus and Scorpio have revolved around you figuring out what goes into your life's purpose. While it may be partly your career, you've also come to see that it's more significant than what you do for work, but how the work you choose can influence the other valuable parts of your life. As much as you've always strived for success, you've been feeling lately like success doesn't just come from a promotion or hefty salary and from having enough time with those you love.

This focuses on your domestic intimacy, representing a close and committed relationship, whether you live together fully or not and the home you create. The more you honor what success means for you, the more you can create a life, not just a job, which will fulfill that.  

While the energy builds towards the last eclipse in Taurus, let yourself return to the truth of what it means to have a fulfilling life and relationship. As much as career matters, and you should feel fulfilled by it, you also need to ensure you're putting energy into what matters most to you, which is your personal life.


No matter how you define home or family, this area of your life is seeing a massive transformation, not just because of the eclipses but because Uranus and Jupiter are also activating this area of your life, calling your attention truly home. Learn to honor what you want your life to look like because when you can start prioritizing the relationship and home setting that nourishes your soul, you'll see that this is the idea of success you have been searching for.  

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