The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Lucky In Love On October 24, 2023

You are no longer a slave to your own mind.

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October 24, 2023, is a great day for love, no matter how you slice it. We've got so many cosmic transits on our side that it would be hard to say this day affects only three zodiac signs in particular. Still, we can definitely say that the zodiac signs that will benefit the most do so because of their nature and because of ... perspective.

We've got the amazing transit of Sun trine Saturn here on this day. What that's going to provide us with is the knowledge that we did the right thing in the past when it had to do with our love life in the present. That's right ... we made the right decision a while back and on this day, October 24, we will get to see how one good choice turned into a brilliant day of love, romance and good feeling.




We've also got the Sun trine Moon and the Moon sextile Jupiter going on today. That means that if we're feeling good, we're in the position of manifesting that good feeling a thousand times over. We are generators of goodwill and great spirit on this day, and three zodiac signs have been waiting around for this. Well, here it is, friends ... have at it. Enjoy it all.


Three zodiac signs who are lucky in love on October 24, 2023:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

It's all in your head, at least that's what they tell you, but you know very well that what's in YOUR head is perception and you choose to see things as positive and possible. That's what today, October 24, 2023, brings you: the unshakeable feeling that whatever you've done in the past was the right move to make, and it's only now that you recognize just how right you were. During Sun trine Moon, it's like the universe has just come to knock on your door to congratulate you with the good news: You did well, Cancer.

Your love life feels absolutely amazing today and in a way, you might wonder if you could feel any other way as everything in your life takes on a rosy glow today. This is because, during Sun trine Moon, you can't help but see it all as possible and positive. Your good vibe is enough to affect all those around you, and it does ... but the only person you really care about on this day is your romantic partner. They really go for the bait, that's for sure.

Positive energy begets more positive energy and no matter what's going on in the world or how adverse things can be in your life, you are one with the energy that makes things feel good. You will not be deterred and your energy is infectious. Your partner picks up on your attitude and reflects it right back to you, and it all feels so, so good. You can't beat the real thing, Cancer, and you, my friend, have worked long and hard on creating this beautiful environment for yourself and your loved one.


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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

Now and then, you like to throw yourself into belief, and on this day, October 24, 2023, you'll be a believer in your special brand of magic. You have created an environment with your partner that is not only sustainable but it's realistic. This basically means that the two of you have put in the hours and effort to create a relationship that can last. It may not have been too romantic during the structuring, but you've succeeded in doing something others don't bother to do: you've created a foundation on which to build your love.

Life feels good on this day, and you are supported by the transit of Sun trine Moon, which makes everyone's life feel better ... but when you know that you tried hard to get where you are today and that it worked? Oh yes, this day is sweet. You and your partner can kick back and rest on those laurels of yours. You did this, Leo. You and your mate. Together, as a working couple.


Now that you both know how to tackle the hurdles that come with any long-term relationship, you feel extra good about taking chances and speaking your mind. You've established an extraordinary kind of mutual trust and that frees you up for so much within the context of the relationship. You present no threat to each other, not on any level, and this is rare. Most couples have leverage; you gave that up as if you found it juvenile. Good for you.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

You have never wanted anything more than to come to a realistic place in your relationship where you feel you can finally let go of all your worries and suspicions. You've dealt with your jealousies and possessiveness, and so has your partner. What the work you've done together to create the perfect environment for a lifelong partnership has given you is exactly what you adore most in the world: freedom. On October 24, 2023, you will see this in your life.


You are no longer a slave to your mind; you don't have lingering feelings of doubt toward the person you love, nor do you have the unconscious feeling of wanting to sabotage things just to see where you stand. You know where you stand, and it's taken work to get here. You are the kind of couple who does the work. Self-improvement is not corny to you; you will burn in the fires of ego together because you believe in the partnership and nothing is big enough to dissolve that kind of faith.

During the transit of Sun trine Moon, you'll know for sure that all of your previous efforts have led to this day, October 24, 2023. Where other couples are still grilling each other over the silliest of suspicions, you and your mate have come to an understanding that shows you both that this relationship is the priority for both of you. What you have is not only precious; it's worth fighting for and protecting. During Sun trine Moon, you will both smile, knowing that the hard part is definitely over. Good for you both!

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