Relationships May End For 4 Specific Zodiac Signs The Week Of October 30 - November 5

This week may be a life changer in terms of what our next relationship move might be.

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As we come to the end of October and enter the darker month of November, many of us may pause to wonder what exactly is going on in our lives. During the week of October 30 - November 5, 2023, there are forces of nature out there and they mean to influence us. For four zodiac signs, this week may be a life changer in terms of what our next relationship move might be.

With the Moon square Saturn on October 30, we may instinctively know that something's about to occur and that it may not be all that wonderful. We may cling to the idea that we're going to work it somehow out, as Venus trine Uranus gives us that last little bit of false hope. Still, as we enter November, we will see that Venus opposes Neptune at the same time that Mercury opposes Uranus, and that's kind of where it all goes downhill.


One thing we do know is that if our relationships are about to end, then a surprise it won't be. We may not have wanted our romances to come to a screeching halt, but we kinda sort of knew this thing could happen. The reality is that for these four zodiac signs, new beginnings occur only after sacrifices are made. The sacrifice, in this case, is the sacrifice of our love lives ... at present. We know what must be done, and well, we do it.

Four zodiac signs who fall out of love and end their relationships this week:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19) 

During the week of October 30 - November 5, 2023, you are going to become very aware of what your next move is to be. You have taken in the lessons of the year, and you don't plan on letting those lessons linger on as mere thoughts: you are here to put them to action, as you aren't about staying put and accepting a situation that doesn't work for you. It is during this week that you know, for sure, that your relationship is not working for you.


What really bugs you the most is that idea that you've held back for so long and that you have stopped yourself from expressing what's on your mind simply to keep the other person happy. Repression is not your thing at all, and all of those thoughts have been banging around in your head for way too long. It is during the week of October 30 - November 5, 2023, that you know you can no longer keep them inside.

It's time to end this and while you may attempt to make it polite, it may not end up that way.

Dates and moments to keep in mind: Halloween on October 31, 2023, has you feeling very angry, but it's not until November 4, during Mercury opposite Uranus, that you find your voice. You'll be using it on that day and on the days to follow. You're breaking up this week, and you feel good about it.

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2. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

You've already started to feel the decline of the year and it pulls on you psychically and makes you feel a little depressed. That's pretty typical, as many people start to feel a little blue all week. In your case, however, you've come to pinpoint the part of that blue mood on the idea that your romantic relationship isn't all you believe it should be.

In fact, it's truly disappointing, and you almost dread the idea of thinking that this could indeed be the ending. Another ending? How many are you supposed to endure in a lifetime? Then again, if a think isn't working in your mind, there's no point in pushing it until it crashes and burns. You see that your love life is about to crash and burn, and as the year comes to a close, you symbolically jump out of the vehicle.

You really don't want to fight for this, and you won't, Gemini.


Dates and moments to keep in mind: Halloween on October 31 is Day one of the big arguments, as it symbolizes fun and games and both of you are so far from 'fun and games.' Sun Opposite Jupiter on November 3 is the transit that will put the ending on the map. Yes, now, it's for real. Mercury, opposite Uranus on November 4, seals the deal.

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3. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

All you know is that whatever is going on in your relationship has become the very thing that you find to be ultimately boring, boring, of all things. This is not what you signed on for, and while you aren't exactly bringing anything new or exciting to the table, the truth is that you are just as bored with yourself as you are with the person right in front of you.


This week, you're going to do something that you just don't do: you are going to initiate the ending. That's very unlike you and it may cause you to get nervous or retract your statement, but even if you do, you'll realize by the end of the week that it really is too late. This relationship is on the fast track to Nothingness and that scares you more than anything.

As it goes with you, you will say something so utterly offensive and rude that it might be impossible to retract, after all.

Dates and moments to keep in mind: While the end of October is merely a continuation of everything you've felt until this point, it won't be until November 3 and 4 that you see some real activity. This is going to end up in the dissolution of the relationship. Will you be happy about that? Probably not, but it's a start.

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4. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

The first week of November has you on edge and feeling very careful when it comes to your partner. They have clearly pushed it too far, in your opinion and you're not sure you even know who you are with anymore. It's as if this person has turned into someone else and once this is clear to you, this isn't the person you want to be with for the rest of your life. You didn't think it would come to this, but breaking up seems the only realistic option.

You spend only so much time feeling sad, as you know that this must end and that you must be the one to make that happen for real. You see that this relationship could potentially last forever, with both of you being sad, restless and in a state of dishonesty. The horrible truth is that you don't like each other anymore, and how can that possibly be a good thing?


You dread bringing this up because you know it's going to cause a war, but wars end and peace comes out of it ... eventually.

Dates and moments to keep in mind: October 30 is the day you realize that this cannot go on. While Halloween may be your last 'fun' day together, you'll both realize that you're faking it. The knowledge that this is really and truly coming to an end happens on November 4, during Mercury opposite Uranus.

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