October 18, 2023 Horoscopes Are Not Easy For 3 Zodiac Signs

Patience does a world of good, today.

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We've got ourselves a Waxing Crescent in Sagittarius on October 18, 2023. That means we see the good ahead of us but don't have the energy to live in it yet. What that means is that we're frustrated and fed up. We want things to move along at a faster pace. Because they aren't doing that, we feel put out, held back and impatient.

Just yesterday, we felt Juno enter Virgo, and that put the idea into our heads that we should somehow have more than we do have, which set things in motion for us today, meaning ... we've got big ideas and no clue as to how to follow through because we don't have a plan. We are in the middle of Scorpio season and should feel the power. Yet, all we can think of today is how we're not getting where we want to go fast enough. 




We know that Waxing Crescent in Sagittarius could be potentially amazing for the three zodiac signs that can work the magic. Still, those three zodiac signs are the ones who will overthink it today and end up frustrated. So, we're looking at a bunch of people here who talk the talk but do very little to walk the walk. In other words, today brings stagnation, and while we know there's something to look forward to, we insist on being stuck in a mopey mood.


There may not be easy for three zodiac signs on October 18, 2023:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

Today, October 18, 2023, brings you one of those days where you all feel you are 'all dressed up with no place to go.' That's better than suffering, but you can't appreciate the good this day offers because you are somewhat obsessed with the idea that tomorrow is better. So, what does that leave you, Aries? It leaves you with the notion that nothing is good enough and that even though the Waxing Crescent in Sagittarius is here to bring hope, you can't see it because you're too stuck in the idea that it all must happen today. 

You've come to believe that you were meant for something better and that's underlying all of your thoughts. So, when you have 'average' days like today, October 18, 2023, you feel like you're just phoning it all in as if today isn't really important. Because it's a Sagittarius transit, you could potentially feel very good about your life and how things are going, but you almost consciously opt for making yourself feel bad. 

You're very happy to show others that you can sulk with the best of them, and you'll find that during this transit, your friends may tire of trying to cheer you up. The weird part is that you don't need to be cheered up because you're not feeling all that down. It's more of an act that you choose to perform today, and that's how you make this day a drag for yourself.


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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

Enthusiasm's missing for you on this day, October 18, 2023. While this is your Sun season and you feel you should be power-tripping all over the place, you'll see that everything seems to be dragging during the Waxing Crescent in Sagittarius. It's if you are personally in a retrograde and you just can't get back onto your zippy orbit. 

You'll notice that while you are the person in your circle who comes up with all the great ideas, you can't nail one down that you'd like to be a part of in earnest. You can help your friends out and they do appreciate your efforts, but you'll find that today is simply lackluster when it comes to 'get up and go.' You just aren't feeling it and in a way, that's OK, too, Scorpio. Maybe the truth is that you've put too much pressure on yourself to be the power player, and today might just be asking you to rest.


You know it will all be OK because that's what Sagittarius transits give us. Hope is something to look forward to and a reason not to take ourselves too seriously. So, if you can see into the future, then know that this is just a temporary pitstop. As the Moon waxes into fullness on the 28th, you'll fill up on energy. Maybe this is nature's way of telling you to calm down and go with the flow.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

Ordinarily, you work well with the pace and the patience needed to cope with transits like the Waxing Crescent in Sagittarius. Still, something about this particular transit drains you of all your 'get up and go' energy. Usually, this kind of reaction comes during the waning of the Moon, but because you are a Sagittarius, you react differently to transits that work with your particular Sun sign.


What you may notice happening today is that because you have such a keen sense of what the future will bring you, you don't have the patience today, October 18, 2023, to wait for it to arrive. Yes, you are sane and realize you can't manifest your future TODAY. That doesn't stop you from feeling frustrated and awkward with your thoughts. It's as if you are stuck in the wrong timing, and that's a bizarre feeling. You want to rush things along because you have a clear vision of where it's all going, but time will do its way. You can't change that.

So, a lack of patience will put you in a funky mood today, which may result in you snapping at friends or family members for no good reason. Apologies will be said, but they won't lift your mood. The only thing that will unearth you from your funk is a new day coming tomorrow!

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