Horoscopes Are Challenging For 3 Zodiac Signs On October 20

We're not sure if we can trust what we see today.

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On October 20, 2023, three zodiac signs will be doing a lot of questioning. We aren't that sure that what we're looking at is something we can trust. We will ask several questions because we are naturally curious. Today's transit, Mercury square Pluto, brings out the investigator in many of us.

We may find that during Mercury square Pluto, we are in dubious situations. This could pertain to work or to love situations. We're not necessarily doubtful, but we are inquisitive. We need to get to the bottom of things to feel comfortable with whatever happens.


This may also make those in our lives uncomfortable, as they might suddenly not understand why we are so curious. We simply want to know the truth behind whatever it is that's going on. We may isolate ourselves to a degree because we'll have a bit of a 'truth seeker' attitude.



It's OK; we have to do what we have to do. Our partners or co-workers will just have to work with us. It may feel like a rough day, but nothing will stop us when our hearts tell us that we have to find the truth. So be it.


Why horoscopes are rough for three zodiac signs on October 20, 2023:

1. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

There is nothing you like better than knowing exactly where you stand and that all your ducks are in a row. It's not a control thing as much as it is about security. You just need to know what's true, what's real and what doesn't fit into that picture so that you can do whatever you need to do about it ... now. During the transit of Mercury square Pluto, you're not only going to find that you are curious about certain things, but you'll see that you HAVE TO KNOW.

This is a good thing for you, but it might not make others in your life all that happy, as you seem to be on a mission of discovery. That might make other people nervous to be around you. This could also imply that they have something to hide that could arouse even more curiosity. Don't be surprised if you discover something you didn't necessarily think was possible about someone close to you today.

What's known is that on October 20, you won't be able to sleep until you figure out what you need to know and will use your intense power to make it happen. This could have you coming across as a bit of a bully. You're not a bully but pushy and maybe even cranky. This is how you get what you want. While it doesn't make you the popular kid in class, it will have you knowing the truth by day's end.


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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

You've always been a stickler for details, and on October 20, 2023, you're going to find that you are quite interested in unraveling a certain mystery that has been plaguing you for a while now. During the transit of Mercury square Pluto, you won't be able to sit still until you get to the bottom of this mystery. The nature of this transit and how it affects your zodiac sign, Libra, will border on obsession. You will get to the bottom of this.

What will get on your nerves today is the idea that someone in your life who has the gall to get in your way as if stopping you from discovering whatever you need to find out is somehow their duty. Oh no, that will just not do, and you'll have none of that. You are not interested in stopping. You work briskly and with Mercury square Pluto behind you, you will see this mission to its end. That is for sure.


If you want to get through the day without it becoming a war between you and whoever gets in your way, do yourself a favor and stick to your plan, but keep it 'polite.' While you might not think that's necessary, trust in the idea that you don't want to alienate yourself in pursuit of the truth. Find what you need and keep your friends while you're at it. It's best that way. Stay friendly, stay polite.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

What eggs you on today is an obsession you've had for years, and it's not stopping too soon. That's sort of what the transit of Mercury square Pluto brings you. The idea of delving even deeper into something that interests you, no matter what it takes or how much it costs you to get there. What's annoying is that you may end up offending someone today in the pursuit of your interest. You have a one-track mind; should someone want your attention, they won't get it.


On October 20, 2023, you'll carry a certain kind of smugness that will make you appear like a snob to others. While you aren't doing much that is different, the energy radiating off the transit Mercury square Pluto will make people perceive you as an entitled being who knows it and acts accordingly. This may be due to your relentless pursuit or the idea that not everyone cares about your obsession.

In your case, this obsession does have something to do with a person and love. This may not necessarily be your love interest, but someone who doesn't know you. During Mercury square Pluto, you'll find that getting to know them may be harder than you thought. While you'd like to know the ultimate truth, you may also want to shy away from it so that today may be somewhat rough for you, Aquarius.

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