The 4 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve Starting This Week

Juno in Virgo helps you to focus on the kind of love that genuinely can last forever during the week of October 16 - 22, 2023.

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Focus on what is real and long-lasting in your romantic relationship as you prepare for a more profound commitment. All that you have recently learned is now behind you, yet to be free from the lessons of the past, you must trust that a new era is upon you. This comes down to logic and love, as you can create a relationship from the best of both perspectives. 

In the week of October 16, asteroid Juno shifts into Virgo, joining Venus and helping to usher in a deeper commitment and healing for the recent challenges you've been facing. While Venus rules over matters of the heart, Virgo governs marriage and the agreements associated with a long-term commitment, whether you tie the knot or not.


With Juno and Venus both in Virgo, there is a strong pull toward the person you can see with you in your life for all the various phases it will bring.  

This is not a time for casual affairs or even romantic trysts, but instead creates a focused energy around whether you can see yourself growing older with your partner, becoming married or even just supporting one another through all that life will inevitably bring. Virgo brings in an excellent capability for healing. Still, it also is an earth sign, which means love isn't enough reason to commit, but instead, the grounded awareness of why you and your partner are genuinely soulfully aligned.  


Juno in Virgo helps you understand what it is about your relationship and partner that adds value to your life. Instead of simply saying you are in love with them, it will be about the complimentary energy they bring, how they are your biggest supporters, or how they help take you out of your comfort zone and try new things.

While love is a romantic feeling, the decision to commit must involve logic as it's not just a matter of hearts but of how the lives of two people can intertwine to make each other stronger. As Juno shifts into Virgo, joining Venus, Goddess of Love, here will help ensure you look at your relationship through love and logic as you begin to take steps toward a more profound commitment.  



Horoscopes for the four zodiac signs who see improvements in their relationships the week Of October 16 - 22, 2023: 

1. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 


To see your relationship from a more logical perspective can be daunting at first because you are more comfortable viewing everything through the lens of romance and magic. In the past year, you've done a great deal of self-work, helping you to heal the need for relationships based on illusions as you become better with boundaries and emotional vulnerability. As you begin to see and acknowledge a relationship's long-term potential, you can create the love you've always desired.   

Virgo energy rules over matters connected to love and relationships. As Juno joins Venus here, it's not just new love coming in or reigniting, but a genuine commitment that can last a lifetime. Remember that love can be magical and consistent. In the past, you've purely chosen relationships based on the magic or uniqueness of a connection but have often been left living much of your real life on your own. While everything has served a purpose, recognize that while you can have both, it's up to you to set that precedent.  

As Juno begins to light up your desire for commitment, let yourself approach love as your authentic self. Let yourself embrace all your unique qualities and needs right from the beginning because if love truly is going to last, they will fall in love with who you are and not who you have felt at times you had to be. As you do this and continue to honor the realness and stability you've learned you need, you can also foster that feeling of divine love that makes you the heartfelt romantic you are.  

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2. Taurus  

(April 20 - May 20) 

You have been waiting for joy to take center stage, especially after an intense Venus retrograde in Leo, which affected your relationship and home life. There may have been numerous changes for you recently, but things in your romantic life are finally starting to balance to the point that you are finding gratitude for all you have recently gone through. This means joy returning to your love life and commitment as you see a greater purpose behind everything.  

Venus in Leo brought up themes of truth, healing and authenticity within your relationship and your healing. Yet, as Venus shifted into Virgo a few weeks ago, you began to feel like you could finally breathe again and that suddenly all that seemed hopeless now seemed to blossom in new beginnings. As asteroid Juno shifts into Virgo, joining Venus, you will see opportunities to enjoy more moments with your partner and finally feel like you are both back on the same page.  

It is the most challenging moment that allows you to see your partner, and even yourself, at your worst. While not a romantic notion, it does help grow your connection beyond luxurious dinners and passionate interludes. Take what you've been through and find the reason for it all because while you weren't sure if this relationship would last at one point, it now seems you're closer than ever before. This isn't just a momentary bliss, but something you can keep nourishing as it grows into the love you've always wanted — and the one that can last forever.  


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3. Gemini  

(May 21 - June 20) 

Greater commitment is coming into your romantic life as the new eclipse cycle in Aries and Libra activates these themes into 2025. Still, you won't need to wait until then to make the most of the relationship you've created. You've been on your journey this year as you've allowed yourself to become more vulnerable and even step away from what you thought you wanted so you could embrace what genuinely aligns with you. As you begin a brand-new week, you are ready to honestly go all in on a relationship that you know helps improve life and enables you to improve.  

As Juno joins Venus in Virgo, it will highlight a continuation of your healing journey and bring domestic intimacy to your relationship that hasn't been there before. This is the space where instead of learning lessons through love that involve heartbreak, loss or lack, you will be learning how to receive, build together and genuinely embrace the relationship you have in your life. This is a potent energy as your healing journey now shifts from learning many lessons the hard way to enjoying what love is truly supposed to represent. 


Remember that you deserve the love beginning to come into your life, and try not to overquestion or doubt it. You don't have to rush into an elopement or engagement, but let yourself take a risk on this love. You have done the work to attract something different into your life, so now is the time you must permit yourself to enjoy it.

It's okay if, at times, you feel as if you don't know how to have this healthy type of love, but admit that talking it through with your partner. Then, opening your heart to receive all you've ever desired is precisely all you need to do. When it's right, you'll know and won't have to work hard to create something meant to be.

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4. Aquarius  

(January 20 - February 18) 


When you're healing and growing within your relationship, you tend to wonder if you should make your escape. As an air sign, it's common for your go-to in moments of stress to break ties or, at the very least, feel like you need more space in your connection. Yet in moments of challenges within love, the most important thing you can do is lean into your partner, and not away, if they are still demonstrating they can hold safe space for you. But, to lean in, you also need to feel safe enough to trust them, which is where so much of your focus has been centered recently.  

Juno and Venus in Virgo create the perfect atmosphere for healing as you allow yourself to foster a greater depth of emotional intimacy as you each consciously choose to embrace transformation within your relationship. Often, it seems as if changes in relationship dynamics are only ever seen from a negative side. Yet, whether dating or committed, living separately or together, each offers a powerful period of transformation.

As you get further distance from the retrograde journey of Venus in Leo, which brought up many changes and moments of reflection in your romantic relationship, you are also beginning to understand that you had to go through all you did to reach this place of love you're now in.  


You should honor the challenges Venus in Leo brought up as you consciously open deeper to your partner and engage in more conversations about the future. With Virgo energy being activated so intensely right now, there is a profound potential for more intimacy and commitment, especially as it correlates to a significant new phase of your life.

Often, Virgo energy brings another great love and commitment into your life after you've ended a long-term past relationship or even been through a divorce. It's not the brilliant bright eye perspective of first love, but the seasoned and aware choice to go all in again with love. Sometimes, it does take a few tries to feel like you've finally gotten it right, but once you do, it is guaranteed to make it all worthwhile.  

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