The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Realize They've Fallen For The Wrong Person On October 16

Easier done that admitted to.

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Wow, we might see an interesting turn of events on October 16, 2023. Today, we have the transit of Moon opposite Jupiter at our backs, and that means that we'll not only be open and willing to take chances, but it also means that we want to see the best in people ... if we see the best in them, then we're more apt to take a chance and get to know them better.

So, it's not as if our defenses are down on October 16, 2023. It's more like we're holding off on judging or condemning people today. Jupiter transits tend to expand our minds, and on this day, we're going to let ourselves experience everything, which isn't always the best idea.


Certain zodiac signs, for instance, the three zodiac signs mentioned here today, are very open to Moon opposite Jupiter's expansive ways. Even though this transit is in opposition, what it ends up opposing is 'making sense.' We just ran into traffic.



Should we do what we humans do when we are careless and needy? We will fall in love, and naturally, the person we fall for will be the wrong person. Ah well, another day on Planet Earth ... why not?


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The truth is, none of us ever know who the right person is, and we certainly don't know until we have a realistic experience with them. On October 16, 2023, we will feel strongly about someone and give them a chance. We will go out of our way to let them know that we can be trusted and are interested in taking things to the next level. Perhaps it's at that 'next level' when we meet our destiny, or rather, where we find out that this 'new love' is the wrong person. Life goes on.

Here are the three zodiac signs that fall in love with the wrong person on October 16, 2023:

1. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

Just because you know you have fallen for the wrong person doesn't necessarily mean you admit to such a thing. Your pride won't let you own up to such a fact, and because of this, on October 16, 2023, you will go out of your way to convince both yourself and your friends that the new relationship you're in is fantastic and perfect and ideal and yada, yada, yada.


The truth is, you don't want to have to concede defeat on this one, and during Moon opposite Jupiter, you'll feel as though you owe it to yourself to at least TRY and make this into the big deal that you so wanted it to be. The person you are with is cool, but they aren't what you want, and that's a big thing. You didn't want a fling; you wanted a serious love affair, and it will be on this day that you realize it's a no-go.

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2. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

Moon opposite Jupiter might have you recognizing that you once again let yourself be intimidated into a relationship with someone you don't even like. Yes, you've been here before and on October 16, 2023, you'll be here again. Where 'here' is the realization that when you get caught up in the moment, you start making promises you can't keep.


In the relationship you're in right now, you fell in love very, very fast. In the heat of that moment, you decided that this was the right one for you and that this person — who has now proven themselves to be the wrongest person you can think of — was worthy of being your life mate. Oh, how wrong you were and how stuck you are now. Or ... are you Capricorn? Will you let your intuition guide you, or will you live with the fact that you fell for the wrong person?

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

You fell for the wrong person and will never admit it because you won't want to know the truth. During the transit of Moon opposite Jupiter on October 16, 2023, you will see the error of your ways and deny those feelings ... again. What you don't want to look at is not so much how 'wrong' they are for you but what lies in store for you if you let them go.


You fear being alone and lonely, and even though you are a unique and freedom-loving individual, you still don't like the idea of what it would be like to not be in love with this person. They might not even be aware of your love, which should speak volumes, but those volumes are books you don't want to read. You have fallen for the wrong person and made them into your staple. If the love is one-sided, you'll be the only one who knows, which might be fine.

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