3 Zodiac Signs Give Up Waiting For Love On October 12, 2023

Don't settle for anything that impedes upon your bliss.

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Let's put it this way: On October 12, 2023, three zodiac signs will say, "I don't have time for this love thing. I have better things to focus my energies on!" Yes, love is the greatest thing in the world and we all know that, but it's not the ONLY thing in the world, and during a super strong transit like Mars in Scorpio, many of us feel the need to concentrate on other things.

Love will either be there for us when we get back or won't, but waiting around for love just to HAPPEN is not what we want to spend our time thinking about. Mars in Scorpio is just too fierce a transit to have us dwelling on stuff that isn't there.


For some, this day is just more important to us than we might think. We're on to something here and don't want to be distracted. We've been told that the only thing that makes life worth living is the idea of being loved or being in a relationship ... so what the heck is that supposed to mean for those who are not in love or a relationship? Are we supposed to see ourselves as losers? Come on, no way. For three zodiac signs, the transit of Mars in Scorpio only feeds us the power and energy to stand up as individuals and take charge of our own lives.



On October 12, 2023, is for moving on. We're not stuck on love or living up to society's ideals and expectations. Right now, love is not the goal. We are the goal. Being happy is the goal, being healthy is the goal and the last thing we need is for the world to tell us that we're not complete because we don't have a partner to make us whole. No way! During Mars in Scorpio, we claim our right to feel however we want, and waiting for love to make us whole isn't a thing.


Three zodiac signs give up waiting for love on October 12, 2023:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

Mars in Scorpio is no teensy little influence, and certainly not to you, Aries. On October 12, 2023, you are going to go over what means the most to you and you are going to find out that, at this point in your life, what's most important to you is to feel good about your life. The days of being someone others want you to be are over, and you know it.

All you know is that you fought this hard to be where you are now and that you call the shots on how your future will play out. You've done the love thing and seen both success and failure. It's there, love, and if you want to go down that road again someday, you will because you want it and not because it's expected of you. As of now, during Mars in Scorpio, waiting for love to come in and save the day is just a laugh riot to you. You'll take charge of your own life, thank you very much.

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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

You've come to a place in your life where you realize that love isn't what you need as much as attention ... and attention is something you can always get. You are, in fact, a master in this regard, but whenever love enters the picture, everything seems to become complicated and beyond your control.

This is what you want to avoid, and during the potent transit of Mars in Scorpio on October 12, 2023, you will know in your heart that, while love is a very sweet thing, it's not what you need in your life at this time. It's also not something you want to wait for, as if that will make it all better when it finally shows up. You are quite happy to live your life your way. If love comes by, you'll welcome it, but you will certainly not give up your precious time waiting for it to arrive and save the day miraculously.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

Why bother waiting for love to show up as a romantic partner? On Mars in Scorpio on October 12, 2023, you will take stock of what you already have, a reservoir filled with the love of friends and family. The whole idea of waiting around for some stranger to make it all worthwhile is a joke to you. You've been there and done that, and yes, it was fun, but so is spending quality time with your best friend.

During the transit of Mars in Scorpio, you'll admit that it's much more fun than spending time with a lover. You don't want the hassles anymore and you can't take the responsibility that comes along with being in a relationship. Your nature is individual and free, so you don't settle for anything that impedes your bliss during a transit such as Mars in Scorpio.


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