3 Zodiac Signs Whose Fling Becomes Exclusive On October 3, 2023

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Well, today, we have a very interesting setup presented to us by the universe and its crazy cosmic selection. We're working with the transit, Moon square Saturn, and on October 3, 2023, we will see how intensely this transit affects and influences us. And, if we were born under the Sun of three particular zodiac signs, we would know one thing: we're not interested in short-term love. We want the real deal, and we want it to start today. We feel as though we've paid the price, and now we're ready for more. It's time to fling this fling aside and make it into an exclusive love affair. We crave potential, and we will have what we want.

It's all good; we got into a short-term love affair for a reason, to find out if the person we got into this fling with was worthy of continuing on with...and it just so happens that we find them worthy. Good stuff! While Moon square Saturn is mainly known for showing us the dark side of our own personalities, the way it works today, in terms of us wanting to make our fling into an exclusive relationship, is like this: if we continue to call what we have a 'fling,' then we will lose interest and have to start at the beginning again. That will anger us, and we don't want to be angry. That's how Moon square Saturn affects our moods; it needs stability — or it's just a live wire.



Three zodiac signs feel they are better off in an exclusive relationship and that having a fling is fun but not the goal. Today lets these zodiac signs feel like the pressure is finally off. Moon square Saturn may be a mood bringer, but the harshness that comes from this particular transit is what gets us moving. We see what we don't want - to remain in a 'fling' that propels us to seek out what we DO want: a long-term, exclusive relationship. Done, done and done!

Three zodiac signs whose fling becomes exclusive on October 3, 2023:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

During the transit of Moon square Saturn, you will look at your life and immediately want to make changes based on what you find to be less than desirable. One of the things that displeases you is the idea that the person you are with seems content enough to go along with the relationship without actually naming it for what it is: a fling.

Nothing wrong with having a fling, but on October 3, 2023, you will definitely be feeling the pangs of wanting something more. You have discovered that you have genuine feelings for the person you're having this fling with, and you'd like to know that it's safe to move on to something a little more...exclusive. This is what you want, and this is what you'll talk about with your fling partner today. Sounds very reasonable, Aries, and there's a good chance your person will go along with it.

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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

You might not be able to tell the difference between feeling jealous and possessive about the person you're having a fling with or if you honestly want them all to yourself because you love them. In truth, it really doesn't matter because, during Moon square Saturn, the objective is the same: to move from being in a fling with this person to being in a full-time exclusive relationship.

You can't bear the idea of this person escaping your clutches, and your Leo heart simply won't let you let them go. You need to get real with your feelings, and that means if you want this person all to yourself, then they need to know about it and agree on it. Of course, they feel the same so your feelings are reciprocated, and there are no worries in this department. Go on now. Make it happen, Leo.

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3. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

You certainly didn't expect to feel this way, and with Moon square Saturn egging you on, you'll be surprised to find that the relationship you're in right now...is not good enough for you in its present state. You started a fling, and now, you've lost your heart to the person you swore you wouldn't feel anything for, and there you go, Libra, wanting more than you signed on for originally.

This transit, Moon square Saturn, has you seeing your original plan as fearful, something only a fearful person would want to be involved with. You don't want to think of yourself as someone who fears being in an exclusive, committed relationship, and even though that was your original intention, you feel 'no more!' You want to take this fling into the real world and make something special out of it. Do it, Libra. Fear not! Run into the wind and make this happen!

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