3 Zodiac Signs Who May Feel Betrayed On September 26, 2023

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Knowing that you're about to be betrayed doesn't make the betrayal any kinder, does it? Let's just face it: if we think that we are about to be betrayed, then we already know something is dreadfully wrong with the relationship. Whether it's a friendship or a romance, that gut feeling of 'knowing' it's going to happen is just as bad as when it actually happens. Today, September 26, 2023, brings us the transit of the Moon opposite Venus, and it is during this transit that three zodiac signs will watch love turn on them. Not fun, not wanted, and yet, somehow, on September 26, 2023, we know it will happen.

Betrayal doesn't need to sneak up on us to have a full impact on our hearts; we can detect it weeks in advance and watch how it wreaks havoc on our nervous systems. We place so much importance on love and trust that when our psyches pick up on the idea that...perhaps our friends or lovers are not as true to us as we thought they were, it's as if we start to see the walls crumble around us. Betrayal isn't just about endings. Betrayal is the crushing of hope, the knowledge that one is being made into a fool, and the harsh reality of knowing that what we once believed in is no longer there.



During the Moon opposite Venus, three zodiac signs will be betrayed by romantic partners. We don't see it coming, and then...it's all we see. Suddenly, all the pieces start to fit into place, and the harsh and awful truth cannot be denied. We've been deceived and duped. We've been lied to and taken advantage of, and there's no way to re-write this truth into something prettier. There's an ugliness in our midst, and its name is Betrayal. These three zodiac signs will experience this on September 26, 2023.

Three zodiac signs may feel betrayed on September 26, 2023

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

You may feel torn today because you don't know if you're about to be betrayed or if you've somehow created the circumstance for betrayal just by thinking it into being. OK, OK, what that means is that because you already didn't trust the situation, you put your thoughts into the universe.

You 'created' the idea that this person was on a trajectory of betrayal. In other words, during Moon opposite Venus on September 26, 2023, your worst fear comes true because you had this fear a long time ago, and you never let it go. You trusted someone with your heart, but you never really believed in them, and you always thought that one day they would betray you. Today, you find out that you were right. However, you don't know if maybe you pushed them too far with your lack of trust. They do betray you, for sure, and no matter who's to blame, it still stings like a bee.

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2. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

You have someone in your life whom you don't trust, and after today, September 26, 2023, you will never trust them ever again. The transit of the Moon opposite Venus helps you to see this person clearly, and it just so happens that they really are as untrustworthy as you had them pegged for; unfortunately, they are going to turn on you during this time.

You will feel it as a strong betrayal, and you really had no idea they were capable of stooping THIS low. In their minds, they are doing what's best, and in your mind, they are starting an outright war with you. You spent a lot of time trying to understand this person; they've been your friend and your lover, and now, all they are is the person who turned on you and showed you just how little they respect you or your desire for truth and trust. Not good!

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

You may not even believe that something like this could happen to you because you feel as though you've risen about the kind of trust for people that always — in your book — leads to betrayal, and yet, here you are today, September 26, 2023, allowing someone to walk right over you as if you were a doormat.

You thought those days were over, and the betrayal that you will feel during the transit of Moon opposite Venus is more than likely going to be the one that finally builds up that callous of self-protection in you. You will feel the heartbreak caused by this one person, but you will absolutely learn from this hard lesson; you cannot trust people. You may have wanted to, but from now on, the love you seek is the love you will have to find within yourself. 

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