3 Zodiac Signs Who Seem To Want Success More Than Love On September 25, 2023

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One of the things we're going to notice today, September 25, 2023, is that the idea of success somewhat drives us. It's hard not to feel ambitious during a transit like Mercury trine Jupiter because this aspect allows us to feel confident in words and actions. What stands out most is the need to use the feeling while it's there.

In other words, we want to strike while the iron is hot; in this case, the iron is our drive towards success. We feel good about it right now and don't want to waste that energy on anything other than focused success. This may feel like we are choosing success over love; it's difficult. Our partners may feel rejected by us during Mercury trine Jupiter, but only because they aren't us. They do not feel the drive to grab the opportunity right in our eyes.

For three zodiac signs, we aren't here to reject our loved ones as much as we ARE here to take advantage of the opportunities being handed to us. We're not technically rejecting our romantic partners. We merely ask them to step aside while we realize our success dreams.



Mercury trine Jupiter is a success-oriented transit, and to fully reap the benefits, we will need the understanding of our partners. They need to know that they aren't number two. We count on them to be there even when we can't lavish their attention.

Partners of the three zodiac signs need to be strong today. And for the zodiac signs that will go for success over love, we, too, must be able to explain our actions diplomatically. These are the three zodiac signs that will go for success over love on this day, September 25, 2023, during the transit of Mercury trine Jupiter.

Three zodiac signs want success more than love on September 25, 2023:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

This day is one you've anticipated in so much as this is the day you have to ask your partner for their understanding as you go for your dream and you mean to succeed. You can compartmentalize your life in such a way that you know there's time for business and there's time for love, and most of the time, the two do not need to cross boundaries.

On September 25, 2023, you will experience the ambitious push that comes with Mercury trine Jupiter. It will let you know that if you give your undivided attention to the project you want to be involved in, then you will succeed ... however, your romantic partner has to get with this idea, or they will get in the way. So, it isn't that you prefer success to love. You must do what you must and can't have love hold you back for silly reasons.

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2. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

Ordinarily, you don't ask for permission when grabbing opportunities or going for success. During the transit of Mercury trine Jupiter on September 25, 2023, you will once again plow full speed ahead into an opportunity that promises you exactly what you want. You will tell your romantic partner that you require their support and that they need not take it personally when you 'seem' like you're ignoring them.

You aren't ignoring them, but what you are doing during Mercury trine Jupiter is focusing all your energy on gathering all it takes to succeed. Your love, right now, is for your work, and it means the world to you. You aren't going to let anything or anyone stand in the way, and so it would be so much better if they could understand that right from the start.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

Your partner might be taken aback as they aren't used to being pushed aside by you so that you can focus on something other than them. That's just something they will have to get used to, and they need to get used to it quickly because you will not let yourself be held back, especially when ambition calls, and success is on the horizon.

On September 25, 2023, you will see very clearly that you need to get on the move and grab the opportunity that will launch you into the success you need, and you can't let your partner hold you back because they are either too neurotic or insecure to let this happen. During the transit of Mercury trine Jupiter, you will feel compelled towards success and go for it no matter the situation.

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