3 Zodiac Signs Need A Break From Love On September 24, 2023

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Remember that old song, 'The Age of Aquarius?' In it, they speak of harmony, understanding and many good things to come. That's the Aquarius gig, and we will experience that vibe today, September 24, 2023, because we have the Aquarius Moon in our presence.

This transit and this zodiac sign give us a feeling of independence. We think independently, feel good about our decisions and are not thwarted by what seeks to undermine us. We are our people during the Aquarius Moon, which covers all kinds of ground, including love and romance.

Three zodiac signs take the Aquarius Moon to heart on this day, and these folks that we will notice are not subject to their surroundings ... or at least, they do not act according to expectations. These zodiac signs follow their hearts during the Aquarius Moon, and on September 24, 2023, we will see that the decisions they — or rather, WE — make are unique and true to ourselves.



In love, we might just 'pass.' We need a break. We know it's OK, and we're not looking for approval. Yes, we know we're not doing what is expected of us, but that's not what we care about.

What we care about on September 24, 2023, during the Aquarius Moon is what our hearts tell us to do: take a break from love and give ourselves a mental and emotional rest stop. It's all good; it's all OK. When nature tells us to return, we will, but for now, the main vibe is to pull away and let it ride on its own. We don't need love now. We must follow our bliss and hearts. It's all good. These three zodiac signs will break from love on September 24, 2023.

Three zodiac signs need a break from love on September 24, 2023:

1. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

The harmony and understanding you will experience today is the kind that happens within yourself. You are finally at the place in your life where you trust your gut, and on September 24, 2023, during the transit of the Aquarius Moon, your gut will tell you that you need a break from love. It's not a war or a negative thing; it's simply a break.

Your love life has become routine, and while routine can be a great thing, you believe it's become 'too' predictable and perhaps even ... dull. You want to spice things up, and the first thing you can think of is to retreat into your own space. 

That's where you get to recharge your batteries. You need time alone to think and maybe even get into some project that requires your presence alone. It's all OK, Leo. You need a break, and you will have one.

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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

What comes over you on this day, September 24, 2023, is the feeling that you need a break from love and that if you don't get one soon, you'll be swallowed up by the drama your love life offers you. During the Aquarius Moon, you'll remember that you LIKE being alone and that being with someone 24-7 isn't your cup of tea.

Sure, you enjoy being partnered and love the whole idea of love itself. But you, as a human being, need some downtime, and during the Aquarius Moon, you'll require it and get it. You need a day off, as if love is this full-time job that never relents.

While it's not as bad as you make it when you explain it, you know there's truth here. You need a break and will step away for as long as it takes. This requires healing; you're not asking for too much, Scorpio.

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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

Sometimes in your life, you feel you are being 'too' polite, especially regarding your romantic partner. On one hand, you don't want to rock the boat. In trying so hard always to keep the peace, you end up squashing your feelings, which we call 'repression.' This doesn't cut it in your life, and on September 24, 2023, you will feel as though you are repressed ... to the point where you need to break free.

During the Aquarius Moon, you aren't looking for an out or a breakup. You merely need a small, healthy separation. In other words, you need your own space, and Aquarius energy pushes you to find that space.

This is serious stuff, Capricorn. You aren't here to keep the peace. You are here to live your life IN peace, and to do that, you need a break from love. You'll get it, don't worry. All will be fine.

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