September 13 Love Horoscopes Are 'Luckiest" For 3 Zodiac Signs

Moon conjunction Mercury brings us a day of equality.

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One of the better attributes of today's transit, Moon conjunct Mercury, is the idea that we are open to other people's ideas. When this is applied to a love relationship, it becomes somewhat ideal; we are finally ready to listen to our partners, and not only that: we want to consider what they have to say. They may even end up teaching us something we didn't already know.

This is a great day for couples who have a lot to say to each other. And while not all couples are super talkative, we do communicate openness in other ways. On September 13, 2023, during Moon conjunct Mercury, we will show our lovers that we take them seriously and that, in our own way, we are 'listening.'


Being that communication is key with Mercury transits, we will come to know that there are many ways of communicating with our loved ones on September 13, 2023. Just being present for them can sometimes be enough. And for three zodiac signs in particular, this day is going to be one where it's easy to step up and be present. Our kindness, our manner .. these are the ways we show that we are not only interested but attentive. We want to let our partners know that they inspire us. Love is a two-way street, and we want to share it all during this transit.


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Another mentionable thing that comes along with this transit is that we become adaptable at this time; we are ready to change our minds, and if our partners change theirs, then that's a good thing, too. We're not locked in for anything on this day, which gives the day an attitude of ease and flow. It's a good day to spend with the person you love and respect.

September 13 love horoscopes are luckiest for three zodiac signs:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

Long, awkward silences are not your thing, Gemini, so when you do find yourself in a situation where you are with the person you love and there's nothing much being said, you want that silence to be filled with love, ease, and peace. Today, you will have such a moment and it will bring joy to your heart.


During the transit of Moon conjunct Mercury, on September 13, 2023, you will get to spend some quality time with your romantic partner, and you'll find that there is no need for words; you are both so content to simply be in each other's presence that that does the trick for both of you. The communication you share is silent, invisible; it's felt, not heard and this gives you incredible joy. You feel like you've finally come to that place with your person; you can relax in each other's company without pressure.

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2. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

Today may even be one of those days for you that you consider to be 'made in heaven.' You get to do what you like best: stay at home with your loved one, experiencing joy, peace, and affection — your way. During the transit of Moon conjunct Mercury, that should be an easy enough task to accomplish. September 13, 2023, is a glorious day for you and your romantic partner, and all because you are both so 'into' it.


You're into sharing together, talking things out, bringing up exciting ideas, and just generally schmoozing in a way that makes you both feel great and at ease. There is no pressure to be anywhere today, nor is there the feeling that this even has to end. You see today as the beginning of a new understanding between you and your mate, and it's all good, Cancer. It's all good.

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3. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

Days like this are too good to not appreciate and that's exactly what you and your romantic partner will be doing on September 13, 2023, during Moon conjunct Mercury. This transit has you feeling as though you are accepted, and while that might seem like a given, it's not always, and you know it. Sometimes our partners withhold what they are thinking and that leads to our curiosity and perhaps, our impatience with them. But not today.


Today is for feeling as comfortable as you will ever feel, and that is 'all the way.' This is an incredible day for you, Libra because you can't find a thing that is wrong. You speak and your partner eagerly listens to your every word, and when they reciprocate with their own ideas, you find them fascinating and intelligent ... alluring, even. Here we have a day where everything is balanced. You are equals, and you know it.

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