3 Zodiac Signs Decide To End Toxic Friendships Starting September 13, 2023

You know what's best for you during the Moon in Virgo.

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We will find that on this day, September 13, 2023, something extraordinary is about to happen: we gain insight into what is truly right for us or completely wrong. While that border may be obvious, sometimes it takes us a while to accept what is wrong simply because we want it to be right with all of our hearts.

When it comes to friends and friendships, it's tough to shut the gate on someone because even though our insight tells us that there's something wrong with this friendship, we still want it to work. We want to believe and that's where we go wrong.


September 13, 2023, this day brings us a lunar phase in Virgo, a waning crescent. We have a heightened sense of intuition whenever we have a Virgo Moon in any of its phases. Today, our intuition tells us that it's time to wake up. Our idealism is no longer working and we can no longer pretend that that one friend of ours is actually 'on our side.' They are not. They've made some fairly obvious maneuvers to prove we are on to something. We feel this person is toxic, malignant ... vampiric. They are sucking the life out of us. They are usurping the goodness away from the relationship ... and we need to get away from them for our good. We know this.


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Three zodiac signs act on this intuitive hit during the Virgo Moon. If we suspect something is 'up,' then there's likely a good chance that something is 'up.' Today is the day we act on that hunch. However, we don't spend too much time trying to investigate it, as that hunch is based on real-time facts. We know what we must do, and we must rid ourselves of the poison factor in our lives. These zodiac signs will recognize that today is the day.

Three zodiac signs end toxic friendships on September 13, 2023

1. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

Because you are the boss of your own life, you tolerate very little when it comes to bad behavior, especially if it's coming from people you know. If you have a friend rubbing you the wrong way, being that you are you, Leo, you will likely feel the Virgo Moon vibe today and rid your life of this person.


You are known to ghost people at any given moment without notice, and on September 13, 2023, it looks like you'll be making that executive decision again. To an observer, your decision to get rid of this person may seem harsh, and harsh it may very well be, but the thing with you is that you don't have room to play games. You no longer like this person, so you act on what your Virgo-inspired instincts tell you: you remove them from your life. Done.

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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

You have wondered if you are too quick to judge your friends for their behavior. Still, on September 13, 2023, you will know with certainty that there is that one friend of yours who is, in your opinion, so toxic and caustic that you don't see yourself making a space in your life for them. The Virgo Moon influences you and makes you feel right about your decision.


This Moon enables you to see something that you need to see. On this day, you will realize that if you didn't get that hit of insight, you'd probably let it slide, and then, within a few days, that friend would be back and up to their old toxic tricks again. Today is the day you pull the plug on them. It's time to get down to business; no toxic friends allowed.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

Having friends and acquaintances has always been easy for you, as you've always been popular ... even though that's never been your goal. You tend to attract people to you all the time, and while you have a generous spirit that wants to be friendly, you've also noticed that you've accumulated many friends who are not friends.


There's always someone out there who wants something from you, and you've noticed that this one person is very insincere about the way they relate to you. On September 13, 2023, during the Virgo Moon, you will do that other thing you do very well. You'll end your connection with them coldly and flatly. It doesn't give you pleasure to do this, but you are self-protective, and when you see a breach in your armor, you seal it up. No toxins can get in.

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