3 Zodiac Signs Whose Ex May Want Them Back On September 11, 2023

Guess who's back in town during Moon square Jupiter?

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On September 11, 2023, we have a sneaky little transit known as Moon square Jupiter. What it has the capability of doing is it can ignite thoughts of the past, past relationships, good memories, bad memories ... you name it, it once existed; Moon square Jupiter will have us thinking about an ex on this day.

What's even stranger is that while we live in our worlds, we tend to forget that we are a part of someone else's remembered past. 


On September 11, 2023, we will weigh heavily on someone's mind. That someone will be our ex. The one who still, to this day, pines over us. Okey, dokey.

We never really know what kind of impression we leave a person with, but there's a good chance that if we were in a romantic relationship with them, we left something behind in their mind.


During Moon square Jupiter, we'll be the focal point of their memory, and if they spent too long thinking about us, they will no doubt reach out and perhaps even ask us if we might be interested in a reunion. Yikes.

That's why Moon square Jupiter is a sneaky transit. It puts us in these awkward positions because the truth is, we don't want to get back together with these people.

The Moon square Jupiter effect extends itself mainly to three zodiac signs, and if you are a Taurus, Libra or a Sagittarius, then you might be someone who hears from your ex-partner, which might make you feel uncomfortable.

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Unless, of course, it's what you've been waiting for. This one's on you, but if ever there was a day when your ex wants you back, it's September 11, 2023. Which zodiac signs may you hear from an old love today?

Three zodiac signs whose ex wants them back on September 11, 2023:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

With a lighthearted attitude, you sometimes joke to yourself about the idea that everyone who is no longer in your life as a love interest eventually comes around to tell you that you are the love of their life and that they want you back. It's become somewhat of a joke to you, and while you appreciate that these folks still love you, you are kind of oppressed by the idea that they're still around and in pursuit of you.

You have moved on a thousand times over, but on September 11, 2023, during the transit of Moon square Jupiter, one of your exes will approach you with the idea in their mind that your break up was 'only temporary' and that they are willing to become a better person for you. Well, too little, too late, as they say. They may have great intentions, but you, my Taurus friend, have moved on by light-years now.


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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

You might be shocked to hear from an ex-love of yours on September 11, 2023, but the biggest part of the surprise is when they tell you they want you back as if they have a chance, which they certainly do not. You find it funny that this person feels that you have some sort of right to you, and being that you've moved on from them a long time ago, you'll be put in the position of, once again, having to reject them.

During the transit of Moon square Jupiter, you'll regret having to do this, but you will do it nonetheless, as you are simply not interested in reuniting with them. The thing is ... they know this in advance. They just can't get you out of their heads, so they must try again. It's not happening, but it's something you can expect today.


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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

Oh, the last thing you ever expected to happen on this day or any day is to hear from your ex that they would like to see you again and maybe even try again. Oh, no way. What is this person even thinking? How long has it been? The relationship ended on a sour note, and maybe this ex of yours has gone through some kind of personal revolution and now, they want you back.


It's September 11, 2023, and the cosmic sky gives us Moon square Jupiter to work with and it is because of this transit you will hear from a desirous ex-partner of yours who simply cannot get the hint. The real thing here is that that hint was given to them long ago. Are they just desperate, and why you? Why are they focused on you as their target? You won't know because you won't give them the chance. Avoid!

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