3 Specific Zodiac Signs May Feel Luckiest In Love On September 8, 2023

The Cancer Moon makes home life a breeze for couples whose partners share these astrology signs.

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We've got our Moon in Cancer on this day, September 8, 2023, and for three zodiac signs, that means good luck in love and a happy day ahead. This transit is meant for the homebodies, the folks who don't want a hassle and would rather keep their love lives to themselves, at home, around all the things we consider to be creature comforts.

During the Moon in Cancer, we are satisfied with less, and by 'less' we don't mean we're scraping the barrel. We do mean that it's life's simple pleasures that give us the greatest joy on this day. For those of us in relationships, today may be the day that we discover just how easy it is to be with the one we love. No hassles, no dramas, just good old-fashioned trust and love. How nice!


And we deserve a day or two like this, don't we? While it's nice to show our partners our passionate and romantic side, it's also nice to know that we don't always have to be 'on.' We're only human, after all, and we need to be able to wind down every now and then ... like, every day, for instance.


Today, September 8, 2023, gives us a chance to simply relax and enjoy the company of the person who delights us most.

We also have to be in the right mindset for this kind of 'ease,' and that's why the Moon in Cancer works well for three zodiac signs in particular. These signs are adaptable and less needy of affectionate displays. That's not to say today won't be filled with affection — it will, but the zodiac signs who will experience it aren't there because they need it; there is no desperation today. There is only kicking back with the one we love and loving life as it is. And so it goes, and so it goes.

Three zodiac signs feel luckiest in love on September 8, 2023:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

It only makes sense that you'd feel the need to keep it at home on this day, September 8, 2023, during the Moon in Cancer, as this is your natural state, and you always feel most comfortable when you know your surroundings. In love and romance, today is the day when you and your partner decide to go 'homey' things like cooking together or getting into a little interior decorating.


What you'll find is that during the Moon in Cancer, the home is what is important, but the way you both appreciate the home and its value in your lives is what will stand out and bring you closer together. It's nice for you to know that you are with someone who holds the same things dear to their hearts as you do. It's nice to feel trust and confidence, and it also makes this day one where you feel you can truly relax together.

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2. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

Your attitude may not be as relaxed as Cancer up here, but the feeling you have for your home space is the same. What you will find, instead, on this day, September 8, 2023, is the drive to do some home improvements with your partner, who just happens to be totally into it.


During the Moon in Cancer, the two of you will discuss, plan and execute some new ideas and between the thrill of getting into the work and the visions of what it's all going to look like when you're finished, you will end up feeling so much love; you really did find yourself a partner who understands you.

It was always your dream to be with someone who could get into creative projects with you, and the partner you are now with is a total artist; they love the stuff, and they enjoy getting their hands dirty...with you. A very creative day is what you'll spend together.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)


What you will find happening on this day, September 8, 2023, during the Moon in Cancer, is that your partner will pick up the slack on a project that you, yourself, have been a little lazy with. That's what makes the two of you work so well together; where you fall behind, they take it up a notch — and they enjoy it that way.

They don't blame you or perceive you as lazy, as you are basically 'the brains' behind the creative endeavors. They enjoy being 'the brawn,' or as it may be, the active player in the hard work that needs to be done in the house. Today is a home-related day and that gives you a chance to let your hair down and leave all the pretenses behind you. You are both in your natural, easy-going state today, and because of the Moon in Cancer, it all feels free, relaxed and loving.

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