3 Zodiac Signs Don't Want To Rush Into Love On September 5, 2023

Moon trine Pluto has us thinking twice before committing.

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"Hold tight, don't worry, I'll get there, let me think..." These are the words that someone is going to be saying on this day, September 5, 2023, in response to being pressured into committing to a relationship that they may or may not be ready for. Hey, it's real and happens and it happens BIG TIME during a cosmic transit like Moon trine Pluto, and that just happens to be the biggie transit that we have with us today. Hold on, hold off, give me a minute here!




Commitment sounds great in theory and feels great when all the right pieces are in order, but what if we're not there yet? During Moon trine Pluto on September 5, many of us will feel we need a little more time to think about this. Three zodiac signs want to make something like this work, and because they value integrity, they wish to be true to their words.


If we are one of these three zodiac signs, we might ask ourselves to think things through for a moment or two. The main reason we hesitate is not due to fear of commitment. We want to be the best we can be and honor the commitment. This means we need time to figure out if we're up to the challenge because if it feels like too much of a challenge, then that's a bad sign.

Usually, passion takes over the moment and we all just sign on for packages that may not suit us. Commitment means that hearts are on the line. If we need time to think before committing, we don't want to break anybody's heart ... just in case we're not cut out for what lies ahead. These three zodiac signs will rely on their integrity during Moon trine Pluto. All we need is some time to think this one through.

Three zodiac signs don't want tor rush into love on September 5, 2023:

1. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

Commitment isn't your go-to experience, even though you like the idea of it. It's always been somebody else's dream and never your own. On September 5, 2023, you will find that your partner wishes to extract a promise from you, and you may not be up for making that promise. They want your loyalty and commitment, and they want to know that you are entirely on board with the idea of being in a completely committed relationship with them.


During the transit of Moon trine Pluto, you may not want to give them what they want ... just yet. Pluto energy requires you to think things through before making gigantic changes in your life. You may concede to this and jump on board, but you need time to think first. You will let them know when you are good and ready.

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2. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

You tend to be very stubborn when you don't want to do something. When you find yourself in a position where you are being handed an ultimatum, as in 'please commit to me your body, mind and soul,' you automatically feel stifled. You don't want to have to do anything that you don't want to do, even if you feel you'll want to ... eventually.


September 5, 2023, has you feeling like you are not ready to leap. Your romantic partner wishes to go that step further in the relationship, making you wonder if what you have right now is insufficient for them. The truth is, it may not be enough for them and their reasons. They need your signed, sealed and delivered commitment to feel secure. It feels like pressure to you, and that's because the transit of Moon trine Pluto works on your sense of independent choice-making. You'll do what you do when the time is right and nothing more.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

Commitment is a beautiful thing ... for others to believe in, but you've never really felt that signing away your life to someone else in the form of some absurd commitment was realistic. They already have your heart, so what's with the whole word game that comes with commitment, as that's all you believe it ever is: a word game? 


On September 5, 2023, your romantic partner will ask you for more than you are willing to give, and with Moon trine Pluto retrograde at your back, you'll try to explain to this person that 'it's not them, it's you.' You are completely into being with them as long as fate will have it, but you feel very uptight about 'having' to do something a certain way just to please someone else's sense of neurosis. You are a loyal and unwavering partner. Is that not enough for them? It would be best if you had time before giving them exactly what they want.

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