3 Zodiac Signs Won't Get Fooled In Love Starting September 3, 2023

Change starts from within once Venus finally stations direct in Leo.

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What started on July 23, 2023, is now wrapping up for its final motion on this day, September 3, 2023, and this is what we know as Venus retrograde. As of tomorrow, Venus will go direct and so will our minds. Whatever has kept us confused or in the dark where our love lives are concerned will finally stand aside so that we can see what has truly gone wrong and what we need to do to make it all right. We may feel we've been living with our heads in the sand over the last month, as Venus retrograde brought much self-deception and heartache. Now, it's finally over, and if there's one thing that at least three zodiac signs here have learned, we won't be fooled again.




Love has played us for fools, and we got that point. We are done, done and done. It's time to stand up for ourselves and get back on track. If love is something we must learn how to navigate, then navigate it we shall, as we've learned our lesson and so much of it has to do with trust and the ability to stay alert. Being naive never worked out for anyone, certainly not where love and romance are concerned, and as Venus goes direct, we still respect the concept of love. However, we are much more careful about where we toss our hearts now.


Three zodiac signs will know that if love is a game, then it's time to play by the rules, meaning self-protection comes first. We are no longer naive. We will no longer be a fool for love. We are open to falling in love, but it will be a while before we feel trusting enough to approach love on steady ground. All will work itself out in the long run, but for now, we are aware of what we're getting ourselves into and will not be fooled again. Nope, no way, not happening.

Three zodiac signs won't get fooled in love (again) on September 3, 2023:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

You feel as though you've given everything you have to a person who has done you wrong, and while they haven't gone that sour on you, you just can't believe them or take them at face value anymore. You still love this person and will continue to do so, but on September 3, 2023, you'll feel you have changed.

They may still be up to their old tricks, and their 'tricks' are harmless. However, you aren't into playing harmless games or any games. Venus is now leaving retrograde and you are leaving that old mindset that makes you think you must put up with this person's antics. They need to grow up. They need to meet you on your level, and what you ask them should not be so shocking. Your romantic partner needs to step up. You've given them leeway, but you are not about to be fooled by them again.


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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

To show yourself that your life is as good as it could get in love and romance, you've tried to convince yourself that your partner is some kind of superstar, which they are not. During Venus direct, you will come to see that it's been you who has been kidding yourself about this person all along. On September 3, 2023, you will come to terms with the reality: your partner is just a regular ol' person, not a superstar.

They are deeply flawed ... as are we all, in one way or another. Venus direct has you looking at this person with different eyes. You expected more from them and when they didn't live up to your expectations, you blamed them. Now, you know that it's all on you. You fooled yourself once. You see no good reason to fool yourself again regarding love.


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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

Today, September 3, 2023, brings you great revelation as you finally figure it all out in terms of what's gone on in your love relationship. During the early days of Venus direct, you will realize that you can no longer count on your partner to live up to your ideals and that it was naive of you to think they could be someone they are not.

What happened was that they DID try to live up to your expectations, which fooled you. You believed they would change for you, and what happened was that they just resumed being themselves, which you found to be depressing. Today, you are trying to love and understand your partner for who they are. You are no longer interested in kidding yourself by trying to change someone to suit your needs.


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