3 Specific Zodiac Signs Feel Luckiest In Love On August 31, 2023

We have all the hope in the world on this day, but these three zodiac signs feel luckiest in love now that this month is almost over.

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On this last day of August, during the transit of Moon sextile Jupiter, we should not be surprised if someone in our life, namely our romantic partner, 'pops' the question. What that question might be is up to them, but we kinda-sorta know where questions like 'that' go. Today may end up being the day we actually say ... yes.

This is the kind of day where we get a happy surprise, and if we are people who are in love, and we have a partner who hasn't fully given themselves over yet, we will find that during the transit of Moon sextile Jupiter, these folks will feel good about finally 'going there.'


Today brings great joy for the couples who know in their hearts that they wish to be together and stay together. Three zodiac signs are going to hear some very uplifting news today.



During Moon sextile Jupiter, we all feel good. We feel confident and if we are in love, we want to share the good feeling with the one who has stolen our heart. The three zodiac signs that will feel the benefits of Moon sextile Jupiter will also be the ones who will take it upon themselves to take risks. Today is the day we are happy to announce 'big' things and invite the ones we love further into our lives. Today we know that whether we are the one who pops the question, or whether it is our partners who do the job ... the results will be positive and the answers will undoubtedly by 'yes.'


So, get ready, zodiac signs, because it looks like September is going to be the month where everything changes. August 31, 2023 is a very special day and for some, it will become an anniversary or sorts. During this lovely transit, Moon sextile Jupiter, we will be able to get a taste of what the future has in store for us ... and it is a good thing!

Three zodiac signs are luckiest in love on August 31, 2023:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

Today may bring about impulsive feelings for you, Aries, and when the impulse hits, you'll jump. This is all good and positive because it affects your love life and how you look at your love life. Today puts you in the position of having to take a chance on love. All things are working out with your relationship, and during Moon sextile Jupiter, you'll notice that your partner has gotten very serious about you. 

On August 31, 2023, they seem to have something they want to tell you. This could lead to the two of you confirming a commitment to each other. You may have a momentary doubt or two, but in a way, you need this opportunity and that's where the impulse comes in. You are now in the position of accepting (or rejecting) the situation, and with Moon sextile Jupiter at your side, you feel good about accepting. It's a 'yes.'


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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

You feel as though you are not leaving August without a response from your partner, and that's exactly what you'll get today, during the transit of Moon sextile Jupiter. You asked your partner if they are serious about you, and do they wish to continue on, growing together, and it seems that your partner is one hundred percent into it!

They may have kept you on hold for a while, as this isn't exactly a small potatoes request, and yet, here they are today, hugging and kissing you and convincing you that, oh yes, they want to go the whole way with you and that it's time the two of you sealed the deal, 'officially.' Today brings on great happiness as you finally feel secure and content; this is the person you've wanted, and now they are completely yours. What a day you have in store for you, Leo.


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3. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

If there's one word that describes what you feel today, it's the word, 'inspired.' Wow, there is nothing you can't accomplish on this last day of August, and you know it. You feel as though you and your romantic partner have just crossed some kind of love threshold, and now that you're on the other side, you both feel unstoppable.


You see no obstacles to your love and all that you've intended for seems to be manifesting in beautiful, dreamy visions of what can realistically become your life together. There's nothing to stop you, and during Moon sextile Jupiter, you don't see anything getting in your way. This transit helps inspire both of you to look beyond the limitations that you've previously seen in the relationship. Knowing that working together is the key, you now know how to proceed. This is a very good day for you, Scorpio. 

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