3 Zodiac Signs May Struggle With Strong Emotions On August 30, 2023

The Moon in Pisces can bring out an emotional side to these three zodiac signs on August 30.

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If there's anything that comes up today, it's the fact that we are taking things way too seriously and that there's probably going to be someone in our life who will call us out. Now, we all know that we don't like being told we are too serious and that if we are told this, it's strikes us where our pride lives.

We feel too proud to admit they might be right, and on August 30, 2023, we will see that not only are they right and we ARE taking things too seriously; we will also see that we're bordering on making fools out of ourselves, all because of pride. What we're looking at is the influence of the transit Moon conjunct Saturn, which disallows us from lightening up. How odd!




Not everyone has this problem, however. There are certain zodiac signs that can take a hint and not look back. Then again, there are three zodiac signs that don't take it as easily and will be fighting back on this day, during Moon conjunct Saturn.


We feel threatened and called out, and while we may actually be told to do something like 'lighten up,' we'll decide to take this suggestion way out of whack and make it into an outright war of words. In other words, during Moon conjunct Saturn, we go too far and we act uncharateristic of ourselves ... and as soon as we know we are acting in ways we aren't proud of, we could take it even farther. It's a joke, really, and one that we will hopefully get over soon. 

We can't take this day too seriously, and we have to get a grip at some point or we're go too far and someone will get their feelings hurt, and that person will probably be us. So, understand that whatever we hear or interpret today as 'bad' isn't really all that terrible; it's up to us to back off from being too emotionally entangled. Let Moon conjunct Saturn pass on by without taking too much out of us.

Three zodiac signs struggle with strong emotions on August 30, 2023:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

You're not feeling particularly secure right now and it affects your relationships. Understand the core of what you're feeling today, Taurus; you are doing just fine. What's going on is that you're on edge and you're letting someone else get the better of you, because that's their intention. They are in the mood to rile you up, and while it might be fun for them, for you, it just flings you into a bad place where you take it way too seriously.


During Moon conjunct Saturn on August 30, 2023, you will notice that you are overreacting almost to the point where you make yourself laugh. That's your turning point. If you can see that your reaction is over the top, then pull back and shut down. You don't need to feed this other person what they came for, as all they want out of you is a rise.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

It takes a force to knock the composure out of you, but on August 30, 2023, you may just find that you are ready to topple. What's going on is that your ego is being bruised, and for some reason, today is the day you allow such a thing to happen.


Having one's ego bruised is what it's all about when you're a human being, but you, Libra, always manage to rise above that which is petty. However, during Moon conjunct Saturn, you may find that you succumb to the dumbest of things, and upon hearing something you disagree with, coming from someone you know and respect, you might fly into a rage; you feel like you are here to defend whatever it is that has offended you so, and you will definitely be taking it all way too seriously. There's something else going on inside you, and you need to look inwards, rather than outwards during Moon conjunct Saturn.

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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

What bothers you today, Capricorn, is the idea that you work so hard to keep order in your life and your work, and in comes some random person and tosses all the order out the window, as it that is their personal goal in life. You are absolutely unnerved by this person and having Moon conjunct Saturn going on at this time does not make the matter any better.


You feel affronted and dead serious about whatever it is that's going on, and instead of letting it pass you by, you will take the initiative and go after this person. This is not needed, plus ... it's excessive. You are acting as though you need to prove your dominance, and that's already way too dramatic a stance to take. Lighten up, and while nobody likes to hear it, you seriously need to listen. Lighten up; nothing deserves the reaction that you are having right now.

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