3 Zodiac Signs Tell Their Crush How They Feel On August 6, 2023

Don't you dare hold back, now!

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Three zodiac signs tell their crush how they feel on August 6, 2023, during Moon trine Venus. You have to love this transit, and luckily we get to love it today, August 6, 2023. This transit allows us to believe in love and go for it if we feel it. It's a beautiful day in the lives of those who believe in love, and for three zodiac signs, the confidence levels are soaring through the roof. What helps us during Moon trine Venus is that we also have the gift of gab, as they say.




We can formulate the right words. As we all know, that's a mighty task. We often scare ourselves away, thinking we'll blow it if we say something wrong. That's where Moon trine Venus saves the day. It enables us with such charm that if we approach the person we crush, we will knock them out with 'whatever' we say.


Yes, we're that good today. We want to be that good. We need to be that good. Being good is how we want to come off to the person we plan on sharing our little secret with. We have deep feelings for this new person and while we know that our unbridled enthusiasm may come off as insane, we feel confident enough during Moon trine Venus to believe in ourselves to such a degree that we know we can't go wrong. This is a loving transit; its purpose is love. Its meaning is love. If we are one of the three zodiac signs that take well to this transit, we can consider today a big success.

You have to have the nerve to do what you're going to do today, so own it, zodiac signs. Don't look back. Carpe Diem with this love thing. It's now or never, so grab your positive attitude and make something good out of it. Let's do this! Who's with me?

Three zodiac signs tell their crush how they feel on August 6:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

You aren't sure if you have the right words, but you are counting on your cuteness to see you through, and if anyone's got good on this one, you do, Taurus. During Moon trine Venus on August 6, 2023, you will get the nerve to say what you've wanted to say to your crush for what feels like ages (even though you only started crushing on them a few days ago.)


You haven't felt this strongly about another person in a while and this new person has gotten to you and you do NOT want to let them go. Thanks to the super positivity rush that comes along with the transit of Moon trine Venus, you will easily access the heart of the person you have a crush on, and yes, that cuteness of yours will be the star of the show. Go get 'em!

2. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

The one thing you want in a relationship is honesty, and you feel that your recent experience with this one friend of yours has shown you without a doubt that they are indeed the honest person you've needed in your life. It seems that you both want the same things and as you've discussed the topic of love and romance, it's also quite clear that you are compatible in this department.

During the transit of Moon trine Venus on August 6, 2023, you will feel that if you are to live up to the honest nature that you so admire, then you might as well be the one to start this love affair, which means that you're going to have to tell them how you feel. You trust them and don't see failure here because they are already your friend. You are right; it's time to make a move. Express yourself, Cancer. It's on.


3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

Being in love is the most fun thing you can imagine. You love being in love, and this time ... you know it's for real. With this knowledge, you can approach and tell your crush like it is. You are fearless, Pisces, but then again, you always are. You follow your heart every time and whether you are right or wrong, you don't mind because at least you live authentically.

On August 6, you will take control, march yourself onto the person you adore, and tell them that you are interested in them 'that way.' You'll be assisted heavily by the transit Moon trine Venus, ensuring your success. That's not to say it's a shoo-in, but it seems like it will be. Enjoy the thrill of being self-assured and just go for it as only you can.


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