3 Zodiac Signs Reject Love On July 30, During The Capricorn Moon

Honestly, I'm just not into it.

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Love is fine and dandy, but for three zodiac signs, on July 30, 2023, we'll pass on it if it doesn't fit our desired standards, as it's unnecessary. What's moving our hand today is the Capricorn Moon, which may make us seem colder than we are. What we are is practical, and today requires practicality. It's not that we reject love because we don't like or respect it. We leave it because, on this day, it gets in the way, and we have things to do, places to go and goals to meet. We have an athlete's point of view on this day. We can't be distracted by romance. We are on a mission of accomplishment, and love can only serve as an interference.




We will hopefully have the support of those who love and care for us on this day, as we need to know that we can both be ourselves as individuals and partners to the people we need the support of. It would be such a drag to pay attention to a lover 24 - 7, and for these three zodiac signs, especially on this day during the Capricorn Moon, we just can't deal. We need to do what we need to do without worrying whether our romantic partner will have a nervous breakdown while we don't lavish attention on them. We can't deal with the neurotic, needy behavior of lovers today, and quite simply ... we won't.


During the Capricorn Moon, we have our eyes on the prize, and that prize has very little to do with love. We are all about making things work today, and if our love lives work, they must be compromised to the point where trust has to take over. We're not here to hurt anyone by rejecting love. We just want our space and time to do what WE need. Love is a disturbance to us during the Capricorn Moon, and we aren't going to back down. This is how these three zodiac signs go on July 30, 2023.

Three zodiac signs reject love on July 30:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

What your romantic partner might not know about you is something they will learn about you today, July 30, during the Capricorn Moon. You are very pragmatic when taking care of your own business. You are not someone who wishes to be distracted, and when you start to concentrate, you mean business.

Today is not for love, romance or giggly teasing and flirting. When your partner tries something, you'll put them in their place. You aren't trying to put them off or show them your true colors. You are merely asking them for space so that you can do what you must do with having them demand attention now. During the Capricorn Moon, you feel very strongly about your own space, and if it means you come across as someone who 'rejects' love, then they'll have to cope with it.


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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

You have an iron will, which means you are not messing around when you decide to put that iron will to good use. You have a goal and aren't up for the noise that comes with others' opinions. During the Capricorn Moon on July 30, 2023, you will once again see the future, and you know exactly what it takes to accomplish it the way you see it, and that means that everyone in your life needs to back off ... including your romantic partner.

They can do whatever they way, and you still love them to pieces, but the one thing they are not allowed to do is sway you from your purpose. Today, you are so driven to accomplish your goals that you will tell the person you love that you just don't have time for them. They will hopefully understand as they ARE. After all, YOUR partner and you will likely have their support. Right now, you need focus, not love.


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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

You are someone who, when they want to be, is extremely organized ... and that's not all the time, which makes it all the more important when you feel the time is right, and that's how you feel today, July 30, 2023. You will have that 'now or never' feeling during the Capricorn Moon. You go for it when you get like that. This also means that you can't have something like love getting in your way, mainly because you've allowed love to consume you, and that's the last thing you need today.

If you don't pick up your pace, you'll become lazy once again, and then all you'll do is sit around and bask in romance. Sounds nice until you realize that nothing is getting done and you're living your life in lazy squalor. Listen to that voice that tells you to move, Aquarius. Reject love if you have to, but get the job done. You'll respect yourself more for it.


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