3 Zodiac Signs Fall For The Wrong Person On July 30, During Uranus Square Lilith

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zodiac signs fall for wrong person on july 30

July 30, 2023, has us making just the right moves, but unfortunately, we'll be getting to experience those moves with the worst person we can imagine. What's going on today is that we will fall for someone wrong for us. We've been in love with this person for a while now, but it's only on this day that we get to know them. During today's transit of Uranus square Lilith, we will see that our judgment was off base. We were wrong, but we won't know until it's too late. This will look like us finally getting together with the person we are crushing on, only to find out they are wrong for us.



Uranus square Lilith will be shouting this out to three zodiac signs in particular. These zodiac signs will get to know that no matter what they did to get to this point, the results are disastrous. We could have the best of intentions, and we might even set it up so that nothing could go wrong ... that is until we get a load of what this magical person is made of, and that's what's going to let us know that HOLY SMOKES were we wrong about that person. It's a major blow to find out that someone you hold in high esteem is really just an inconsiderate slob, but hey, that's what 'experience' is all about, right?

So, as it does,  July 30, 2023, lets us know that we are due for a big mistake. It would also act as a wake-up call that lets us know we're not always right when we size a person up. Perhaps we fell for their appearance and projected all these other fine qualities onto them because we were attracted to them? The truth is, they're a pretty package and not a whole lot more. OK, so we learn. C'est la vie, life goes on. These three zodiac signs will learn a big lesson on July 30, during Uranus square Lilith.

Three zodiac signs fall for the wrong person on July 30:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

OK, so the blinders come off today, Taurus. This is the day when you know that you have made an error in judgment regarding the person you've fallen for. You know that you do this and that this isn't the first time you've endowed a person with qualities that you definitely do NOT have, but on July 30, 2023, during Uranus square Lilith, you will see that this is a pattern you need to break.

Once again, it's happening. that brilliant moment of truth is when you see the person you have fallen for in the so-called 'light of day.' It looks like you've made a mistake and that during Uranus square Lilith, you realize that your mistake is draining the life out of you. One trait that comes with Uranus square Lilith is the knowledge of needing rapid change. This is what's going to snap your eyes open today. It's time to wake up and see that this person is not the one for you.

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2. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

Before you go too far, understand that you might be doing that thing that you've done before, Gemini, and what's meant by this is that you are falling for someone you do not know, who hasn't shown you much of anything ... as of yet. You are in love with their looks. It's pure attraction, and because you feel helpless in their gaze, you want to justify the feeling and call it love.

During Uranus square Lilith on July 30, 2023, you will fall right down that rabbit hole, and this person's physical appearance will ensnare you... however, you will also realize that they are everything you don't like in a person. That realization may come too late, but the truth is, you don't owe them anything, so if you're smart, you'll book it right now. This person — they are all wrong for you. Don't fall for it.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

The problem today, July 30, 2023, during the transit of Uranus square Lilith, is that someone in your life is paying you attention ... and you like it. You might not ordinarily like this kind of person, but they seem to be going out of their way to impress you, and well, you're getting impressed. You may even giggle over how easily you let yourself be led, yet you go with it.

Where just the other day you might have felt invulnerable and OK with that, today brings you into a new set of emotions: hope, possibility ... maybe love? Here's the thing: this person does this to everyone, and if you fall for them, you'll find out sooner or later that you are just another one in the lineup of their love victims. They don't love you; they just want you to adore them. This is the wrong person for you ... leave as soon as you can.

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