Trust Is Broken For 3 Zodiac Signs On July 24, During The Moon In Libra

We didn't see this one coming.

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Broken trust is what three zodiac signs experience on July 24, during the Libra Moon. One of the problems with believing in a person is that we forget to pay attention to them, thinking that 'trust' makes everything go according to plan. On July 24, 2023, as we experience the Libra Moon, we will see that we overlooked something in our romantic lives. We did that one thing that most of us do, and most of us rely upon: we assume.


We assume our partners are loyal to us because we've spoken about it. We think nothing can go wrong because we've established flawless trust with this person. We assume that the one we love will always love us because we believe in the fairy tale of our love lives. For three zodiac signs, the fairy tale will close today.



During the Libra Moon, we do a lot of assuming, and that's because Libra is such an organized and 'well-planned' zodiac sign. It's because of Libra that we get things done and how we come to trust our partners. The Libra Moon reminds us that the scales can always be tipped, no matter how much we believe they can't be. On July 24, 2023, those scales will be tipped. Three zodiac signs will see heartbreak on this day, which will all be because we didn't see it coming.


When we assume too much, we write ourselves fiction. Our life is fantasy, not reality. During the Libra Moon, we will get a taste of what's really going on, and it may be so eye-opening and destructive that we'll be devastated. Heartbreak only comes to those who don't expect it. It's only here for those who trusted in the solidity of something that could not remain solid. These three zodiac signs will see heartbreak on July 24, 2023.

Trust is broken for three zodiac signs on July 24:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

The real problem with the Libra Moon and you is that on this day, July 24, 2023, you will realize that the number one reason you are feeling heartbreak is that you didn't want to have the one conversation with the person who has now broken your trust. Today has you feeling twice that way; you want to avoid discovering what went wrong.

Libra's energy has you wanting to back out of any confrontation, so you'll end up even more heartbroken simply because you are too scared of what this person will say to you. You know that you and this person have had your share of bad times and should have said something in the past, but you didn't, and that holds for today, as well. Except on this day, you need to speak up and hear the reason 'why.' Your heart will break today because you don't stand up for yourself.


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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

What's going to get you today, Leo, is that you wanted to believe in the fantasy love affair and what you got instead was a regular older adult to love. You expected more from this person, but was that their job? To live up to your expectations? Today shows you that you not only asked for too much but have lived in your world, where this love relationship is concerned.

During the Libra Moon, you'll topple the scales of your heart because you won't be able to accept the truth, and that truth is that the person you love is 'not that great.' It's hard for you to think that you, the GREAT LEO, would choose to be in a relationship with someone who is not as GREAT as you and yet, it's happened and will be known to you on this day, July 24, 2023. It's heartbreaking and will hopefully teach you to lower your expectations next time.


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3. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

With the Libra Moon in town, you'll realize that the person you are with simply doesn't take you seriously. You may have started this relationship thinking it was playful, but as time passed, you began to form a bond with this person ... or at least, you thought you did.


On July 24, 2023, you will realize that this person has never intended for it to go on this long and that pulling away from you doesn't seem to be an issue for them. It's heartbreaking and insulting, but they're not into you anymore. Wow, what a wallop of bad news! You figured that if you showed them love, they would naturally reciprocate, yet they did not intend to, and the Libra Moon brings all of this to light. So sorry, Scorpio.

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