3 Zodiac Signs Are 'Most Likely' Getting Back With An Ex On July 21, During Sun Opposite Pluto

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zodiac signs getting back with an ex

Three zodiac signs are likely to reconcile with someone they love on July 21. For some zodiac signs, the idea of going back with our exes might make us want to jump out the window ... but that's not how it is for everyone. In fact, sometimes we know that breaking up was actually a precipitous move and that maybe we moved too fast on that decision. It is very common to pine over one's ex, but the dealbreaker in all of it happens when we realize that our ex's are pining over us, too. Sometimes the truth just reveals itself in obnoxious ways, and during Sun opposite Pluto, we are going to find out that the extent to which we have gone through to break up and separate from this person was simply a mistake. We want to go back with our exes, and we know we're not making a mistake with this decision. 



Three zodiac signs will recognize this reality today, and it will be heavy. Yes, we went that far out of our way to remove ourself from the person we love most, and while all things are done with a cosmic reason behind them, what we come to know on this day, July 21, 2023, during Sun opposite Pluto, is that we are meant to be with that one person whom we left behind. This is a positive transformative transit; it pushes us to make hefty decisions but promises that our emotional investment brings us extraordinary and positive returns.

We don't go back with our exes because we can't find someone new to replace them; we can't replace them because ... we don't want to. We know now, on this day, that there will never be another like the one we love and that whatever separated us to begin with, is just something that we three zodiac signs will learn to live with and to surmise. There is nothing wrong with going back to the one we love. No shame, no regret, no mistake.

Three zodiac signs are getting back with an ex on July 21:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

Today is going to be a big day for you in so much as today, July 21, 2023 is the day you recognize a certain truth about yourself; you miss your ex and you regret ever separating from them. Being that you spend half you time either thinking about them or literally talking with them on the phone — still — it occurs to you that your decision to break up with them isn't necessarily set in stone.

They don't feel it is either, and during the transit of Sun opposite Pluto, you will both realize that this is not an irrevocable mistake, and that you CAN actually get back together again if you work out the parameters of that reunion. One thing is known: you will be getting back together. Now, to formulate a plan of action so that you don't run into the same trouble as you did last time. Make it work, Taurus. You know you can.

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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

Whatever has held you back from running straight back into the arms of your ex is definitely a pride thing on your count, but not even pride can hold you back this time. The date is July 21, 2023 and you are feeling powerful. Your sun season is right around the corner, and on this day, you have Sun opposite Pluto in the sky and it is inspiring you to get your act together.

Life just hasn't been the same since you broke up with your partner, or should we say 'ex' partner, and yet, you both cannot accept the term 'ex.' And that's because neither of you feel broken up; you need each other and while pride might have blown it all to smithereens at one point, you are ready to swallow your pride and get right back into the game. This is the love of your life. They may be your 'ex' right now, but that is not going to last.

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3. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

The main reason why you want to get back together with your ex is because you feel that this is the only person who ever understood you. And, in some way, you feel as though you are the reason things fell apart, and on July 21, 2023, you want to right that wrong. You want to get back together with this person, and during the transit of Sun opposite Pluto, you'll feel as though you finally have the opportunity.

Pluto is all about transformation and change, and you, personally, feel as though so much of that change was up to you to make ... for the sake of your ex-partner. You are ready, willing and able to change yourself for them, now, and there's a very good chance that all of that 'understanding' that they had for you will come back into working order again. This could end up being a very powerful and happy day for you. Don't blow it, Libra.

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