July 17 Horoscopes May Be Challenging For 3 Specific Zodiac Signs

What is it they say about payback?

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Well, get ready to have your secret life exposed today, zodiac signs, because this day brings a cruel sort of sadism, and it all has to do with the transit of Moon opposite Pluto. While we can't really attribute the word 'sadism' to the universe, today may end up being one of those days where three zodiac signs look up at the sky, fist in the air, screaming out, "What more do you want of me? WHAT?" Oh yeah, it's a real drama series today, and it would almost be better if we literally had cameras rolling, filming it all. Because today is a reality show, and if we're lucky enough to be spectators, we'll see how these three zodiac signs will suffer a fate that we would never want to have on our own.




Hello, Moon opposite Pluto. Can you go home now? Right. As if we could tell gigantic celestial bodies what to do, especially as they transit to and fro, creating havoc on our wee lives down here on the ol' blue and green planet Earth. What did we do to have our secrets revealed like this? Why kind of sick cosmic joke? It has us working so hard to be good people only to shove the spotlight on that one thing we really wanted to keep under wraps.


July 17, 2023, will have us doing things we don't want to do, starting with protecting and defending ourselves from total humiliation. Not what a person wakes up desiring, if you know what I mean. Yet, let it be known: it will be rough sailing for three zodiac signs today during Moon opposite Pluto. Hoist the Jolly Roger, and we're coming aboard!

Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on July 17:

1. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

Well, that didn't go as expected — is what you'll be saying halfway through July 17, 2023. What may start as you try to impress someone with genuine friendliness may rapidly become them exposing you as a fraud. Wow, plot twist.

During the transit of Moon opposite Pluto, you will find that you may want just to stay home and keep to yourself because this is the day that the people in your life whom you may have accidentally insulted are now here to show you that they are taking no more of it. That's right, Leo. You'll feel very sorry for yourself, as you won't understand why everyone seems to be turning on you. When you realize that you brought this on, you'll have a deep moment of truth, but as today goes, it should be relentlessly hurtful.


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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

So, you thought you'd get away with two-timing that person who trusted you, right? You thought it was OK as long as they didn't find out you were cheating on them when you knew they believed you were being faithful. Well, hell is about to unleash on you, my friend, as Moon opposite Pluto is large and in charge today, July 17, 2023, and if you thought that betraying someone's trust would be a thing they'd let slide, you thought wrong.

Today is when you discover how much you underestimated that person. Perhaps you thought there was just a meek little thing that, at worst, would fold up and shrink away if they knew of your dirty little secret, and yet, it turns out that the person you betrayed is a freaking monster who is hellbent on vengeance. Watch your back, Libra. It's all coming down today. Eyes open!


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3. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

If you thought your secret was safe, welcome to today, July 17, 2023, where nothing is safe, and all secrets are exposed. So, if you had it in mind to get away with things, you might want to think again because karma is coming around in the form of the Moon opposite Pluto. Whatever goes down today might be memorable to other people, too.

You have led an interesting life, Scorpio, and you're not altogether innocent, either. While you may be on a 'goodness and light' tier right now, you can't pass go until you go through a serious reckoning. It's time to pay the piper for deeds done in the past. It's OK, it doesn't last forever, but you'll wish it would move quicker during Moon opposite Pluto. This payback thing is everything you didn't ask for.


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