3 Zodiac Signs Want Freedom More Than Love On July 14, During The Moon In Gemini

Keep your distance, please.

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Three zodiac signs want freedom more than love on July 14. We might notice that we're copping a certain attitude today that makes us feel as though we are not only confident but on a roll. What's meant by this is that on July 14, 2023, we have the Moon in Gemini, and this tends to make people of certain zodiac signs feel as though they don't need anybody else in their life.



That's not to say friendships and romances aren't cherished. They are, but they are not needed, and that's the brunt of today's attitude. We feel we can handle it all on our own, so we want to conduct our relationships in a way we call the shots. What this leads to is a sense of independence. It also leads to the idea that we don't want any attachments, romantic or otherwise.


During the Moon in Gemini, three specific zodiac signs will make it clear to the people in their lives that while they are happy to have them, they are not required to sign a contract. Now, this could come off as insulting to those who don't see it as a contract and wish to be in a relationship with them. What's going on here is that the independent zodiac signs who refuse to abide by the rules of a committed relationship will end up, more than likely, hurting the feelings of whomever it is that wants to be in a relationship with them.

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So, if that's YOU, if you want a no-strings-attached love affair, be prepared to hear conflicted thoughts from whoever you are 'semi-' involved with. This is not a judgment; you are entitled to live your life as you like it but know that on July 14, during the Moon in Gemini, you will likely find that the person you don't want to be attached to wants to be attached to you. We, humans, are a weird bunch, are we not? Which zodiac signs want freedom more than love on July 14, 2023?


Three zodiac signs want freedom more than love on July 14:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

You know exactly how to live your life because you feel as though you've been around long enough to see what works and what doesn't, and because you already have a hard enough time with your family members, the last thing you want to do is get deeply involved with a romantic partner. The idea of romance is wonderful to you, but settling down and having a family makes you want to poke your eyeballs out, and on July 14, 2023, you'll feel this very strongly.

And so, if someone in your life has been entertaining the idea of being in a committed 'long term' relationship with you, you will tell them today that that's not what you're into. You will feel the transit Moon in Gemini in your bones, and it will secure you in your thoughts. It's your way or the highway ... and why not? It's your life, after all.

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2. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

When you tell the person you are with that you aren't really into a full-blown 'committed to the death' romance, they may take you the wrong way. That's what you get during Moon in Gemini on July 14, 2023, as the other person does not reciprocate your feelings. You feel independent but also experienced. You don't see why you should do anything you don't want to do, or more so — why you should commit so early into a relationship with someone you feel you're only now getting to know.

You feel you don't know someone well enough to get into anything permanent. You think jumping in with that kind of fervent passion would be foolish. You'll go at your own pace, and during Moon in Gemini, that pace may end up yours alone. Do what you believe is right for you, Cancer.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

Having a no-strings-attached love affair is, at this point in your life, the only kind of love affair that you can think of. You know yourself very well; you aren't up for having a broken heart, and experience has shown you that it's not a terrible idea to be self-protective at the beginning of a love affair. Sure, you're ready to have a loving experience, but you don't necessarily believe that you need to be fully attached to ANYONE to have it.

During the Moon in Gemini on July 14, 2023, you'll find that the person you are with is much more interested in the future than they are in the present, and that kind of bugs you a little. Why can't they just concentrate on the NOW instead of building this entire universe for the two of us that exist somewhere in the future? This thinking makes you run from committed relationships and is why you crave something that doesn't come with vital attachments. 


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