July 14 Horoscopes Are 'Difficult' For 3 Zodiac Signs, Thanks To The Moon

But what about tomorrow? Yay or nay?

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Three zodiac signs will have rough horoscopes on July 14, thanks to the Moon. It's pretty obvious how such a thing as the Moon in Gemini could be a disturbance for many of us. Today, July 14, 2023, because the nature of all Gemini transits usually ends up with something going wrong regarding communication or speed.

To clarify, during the Gemini Moon, three zodiac signs will speak too soon, say too much, and continuously feel as though they are being ignored deliberately and spoken down to. In other words: not fun. Today is rough for those who really thought we were on to something and wanted to share it all. We will get to it, but we might just have to wait until the Gemini Moon has passed.




That's a real hint right there, zodiac signs. Wait until it passes. That's today's big, bold, brilliant wisdom: wait until it passes and THEN leap in. Today is not for huge decisions, nor for taking peculiar chances; today is, however, for being careful and thinking things out before leaping into hyper action.


The Gemini Moon makes three zodiac signs feel like they are the star in their action movies today, and while that might seem cool, the reality of our lives is clearly saying, "Stay home!" None shall pass. In other words: save your enthusiasm for tomorrow or the next day. But today, during the Gemini Moon, it's best to keep it in the head and nowhere else. Get the point?

So, look, it's not like we're locked up in the Bastille (Only historians will get the reference here. Go, use Google and look it up!). Today is for holding that thought and keeping it under lock and key until the time is right to break loose. Patience is needed for the three zodiac signs that will be banging on those walls, but success is ensured if we are smart enough to bide our time and wait it out simply.

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Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on July 14:

1. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)


Did someone mention 'patience?' Oh, that's rich, especially where you are concerned, Virgo. You were born without patience, and rather than work with it, you let others know that because you have none, they had better step up their game instead. During the transit of the difficult Gemini Moon on July 14, 2023, you will get into one of your demanding moods.

You think you're being cute and irresistible when you do this, but you're really annoying the heck out of everyone you know. On this day, however, you feel as though you can, once again, tell everyone what to do because Gemini has 'got your tongue' and you feel like blabbing trash like there's no tomorrow. Don't, Virgo. Hold off because there's a chance that if you blab too hard today, you'll lose a good friend. It's real. Don't ignore it.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)


You've always held yourself in high esteem, which means that when you want to express yourself, you just ... do. You don't hold back, and why should you? You are entitled to your right to speak up, and even if what you say happens to be caustic or hurtful to someone else, so what? That's their problem, not yours, right?

Well, during the Gemini Moon on July 14, you'll once again get that good ol' feeling where if something is on your mind, then the whole world should hear about it, except, on this day, nobody wants to hear your opinion because they are used to what you say. It usually ends up hurting their feelings. If possible, during the Gemini Moon, you can just hold off a few days before launching into one of your terror campaigns. It would be greatly appreciated by the people who actually care about you.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)


Waking up on the wrong side of the bed is just the beginning of today's antics for you, Pisces. Speaking of sleeping, last night might not have been that good of a sleep for you, and that's because your friend, the Gemini Moon, was rising in the sky, getting you ready for your day today. It's July 14, 2023, and you feel punchy. You want to rumble, and because you're feeling particularly confident today, you'll do something senseless like call up a relative and start a fight with them just because you can.

You aren't driven by positivity today, and even though the Gemini Moon is not a negative transit, what inspires you is this nagging little imp. It's like you want to impress someone with how low you can go, and while this isn't who you are, you get this way on occasion. You will be better off during the Gemini Moon if you just HOLD BACK. Save it, Pisces. You're better than this.

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