July 9 Love Horoscopes Are Luckiest For 3 Zodiac Signs, During Mercury Trine Neptune

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Love horoscopes are luckiest in love for three zodiac signs on July 9, during Mercury trine Neptune. But why? Today brings us a day where the conditions are so much in our favor that we won't be able to avoid getting something positive done, and this is very much about our romantic relationships.

On July 9, 2023, we will be working with the influence of the transit Mercury trine Neptune, which is here to help us put our dreams and realities into perspective. Today is good for three zodiac signs as they can speak up about the things that mean the most to them and communicate those thoughts in productive and engaging ways. If we are inspired today, it's a great time to grab your partner and get them involved, too.




We don't all get along or believe in the same things. This is true of romantic partnerships as well. It makes the romance more interesting: we are not in a relationship with our clone. The person we love and respect has a total difference sense of 'everything' than we do, and we can honor that today because, for these three zodiac signs, we see our differences as part of the glue that holds us together.


During Mercury trine Neptune, so much of what we perceive feels open for interpretation, but the key here is that we see it all as hopeful, positive and doable. Thanks to this transit, it's a positive energy day, and it works especially well in love and romance.

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These three zodiac signs will have the good fortune of experiencing a day filled with luck and love. We get along with our partners and feel inspired by the idea that they are NOT us. They don't think 'exactly' like us, and what they bring to the picture is interesting, alluring and something we want to be a part of.

Love horoscopes are luckiest for three zodiac signs on July 9:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)


You feel thrills and chills today as your communication with your romantic partner is so good and right that you feel more connected than ever. This is because on July 9, 2023, you will have the chance to spend Mercury trine Neptune together, and this transit will bring to light all that you have in common. Interestingly, it will highlight what you don't share, which may be a fun insight.

It seems that both you and your partner like the idea of not agreeing on anything, and that, by this difference, you are somehow stronger together. It's as if today lets you know that because they are that way and you are your way. You have more strength together as a couple. You are right, too, Taurus. Mercury trine Neptune brings out the difference in all the right ways.

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2. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)


The days are long gone when you try to make the person you are in love with turn into a mini-version of you. You've seen how that works out, and it's usually regrettable and a waste of time for both parties. What you'll experience today, July 9, 2023, is the total opposite, and that is because the transit of Mercury trine Neptune helps to pave the way to different kinds of thinking.

For the first time in ... forever ... you'll accept that your partner is a totally different person than you and that now that you've stopped holding them to a standard that only you, yourself, can live up to, they suddenly seem so much more at ease. This is a person you want to spend your life with, and it's all because YOU let go of your expectation of what they should act or think like. Letting them be themselves just extended the happiness and success of the relationship. Go Mercury trine, Neptune!

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)


You've always relied heavily upon your sense of idealism, but that hasn't always worked to your advantage regarding how you relate to the person you love. You've made the mistake of trying to change them or mold them into someone you 'thought' would be the perfect person for you.

However, on July 9, 2023, you'll notice that the power coming off Mercury trine Neptune is the vibe that makes you want to come to terms with the reality of who your partner is. Is this someone you need to change? No, they are not, and this huts you hard during Mercury trine Neptune. You love them 'as is, 'and this new knowledge lets you feel you are only getting to know them for the first time. Love is suddenly new again. How nice.

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