Why 3 Zodiac Signs May Have Rough Horoscopes On June 29

Guess who's coming to dinner?

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Three zodiac signs will have rough horoscopes on Thursday. While today, June 29, should go relatively well for most couples, what we might see today is the idea of how a surprise could really upset the natural flow of things. This doesn't necessarily have to relate to couples, but it will be the relationships that are mostly romantic that will have to deal with today's transit, which is Moon opposite Uranus.


When we have Moon opposite Uranus, we have sudden changes, surprises and the kind of spontaneity that may throw us for a loop. The three zodiac signs that will be most affected by Moon opposite Uranus are the ones who seek out stability and routine. And when a routine is upset, well, depending on what your sign is, that could make for a very rough day.



What may also occur on this day is that we may not be ready to hear something that comes out of the mouth of the person we love. During Moon opposite Uranus, people not only act in surprising ways, they act and say the most unconventional things, and if we're not ready, or worse, if we're not open, we may end up hearing something from our partners today that has the potential to deeply upset us. They are not us, and on this day, we may get to know that a little too well.


It could end up being one of those moments where you say, "just when I thought I knew that person..." And boom, there they are, completely different and owning it. Today shows us that we cannot predict the behavior of another human being, no matter how close we feel we are to them. On June 29, these three zodiac signs will be hit with info that they never saw coming.

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Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on June 29:

1. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

Well you certainly didn't see THAT ONE coming. On June 29, that will be your mantra of the day. You've got Moon opposite Uranus surrounding you and the vibe is all about spontaneity and surprise. Of course, you are someone who really does not appreciate surprises of any kind, even when they're delightful, but today creates no such delight in your mind.


In fact, whatever it is that your person is going to be sharing with you today, as that's where the surprise is coming from, is so NOT what you wanted to hear...and now here you are, having to deal with it. It's not even that bad, but it's 'change' and you don't like change, Virgo.

You like, no, LOVE, your routine and you want to upsets in the mix, and yet, your partner is a different person than you and they have different ways of going about things. On this day, they will shock you and you will be so nervous about it, that you will end up having a rough day.

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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)


As long as you feel you have a certain degree of control over things, like...your relationship, for instance, you feel you can get by fairly easily. Control is your thing, Scorpio, and you aren't harsh about it all, in fact, because you are *somewhat* controlling, you are able to keep the chaos to a minimum, and that stands for a lot when it comes to your romantic life.

You aren't into drama, and you are seriously not into being surprised or told some 'interesting' news that will throw everything out of whack — and, that's what Moon opposite Uranus specializes in: throwing things out of whack. Get ready to hear an earful of big surprises today, Scorpio, as it seems your romantic partner had big plans for your future. You will be dumbfounded when you hear what they have to say. Get ready, it's coming.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)


On June 30, routine and predictability are your calling cards and you like it that way. You are never in the mood for a 'loving surprise' and you really can't stand it when your partner pulls one on you. During Thursday's transit of the Moon opposite Uranus, you will get to see that which you can't stand being enacted right before your eyes as your precious romantic partner goes out of their way to surprise you with something that they believe is 'so good' that you'll flip out with happiness over it.

Now, the thing with you is that it doesn't matter how awesome or awful a surprise is; if it's a 'surprise' then it's unwanted, and you'll spend a lot of your day grappling with how to react to this unwanted 'thrill' that is being presented to you by your well-meaning partner. How do you tell them that you don't want this? Well, you don't, Aquarius. You just roll with it. M'kay?

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