Love Horoscopes Are Lucky For 3 Zodiac Signs On June 26

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zodiac signs luckiest in love on june 26

Whenever we have a Mercury transit, we know that 'ideas' are what rule and that for most of us, we'll be lost in the world of ideas, innovations and the desire to communicate what's on our minds. We want to share what we are thinking about during Mercury transits because we really believe that we're on to something. And on June 26, the transit that we will be experiencing is Mercury in Cancer, which basically takes all that is mentioned here and spins through a filter of love and affection. This is a beautiful and loving day, and if we are of the three most influenced Zodiac signs, we will become even closer to the people we are in a relationship with.

Because Cancer tends to bring out our sensitive side, we who are in romantic relationship may want to talk with our partners about something that's been on our mind, something...private, or emotionally sensitive. We needn't fear a thing during Mercury in Cancer, because the cosmos has got our backs, so to speak; this is indeed the right day to approach the delicate topics with the person we trust most, and we may also find that when it comes to matters of trust — since we've brought it up — we come to know that what we feel for our loved one is indeed, deep trust. Today is the day when we are not shy about showing that we are devoted to our person; today is the day we turn to them for the most profound sharing.



This is also a day when intimacy between couples is easy to achieve; we are less inhibited during Mercury in Cancer simply because it bridges the gap between emotion and communication, making it all the more easy to be free with our romantic partners. And for three zodiac signs, today will come as a welcome addition to an already expressive and emotion-filled union. All things come into place during Mercury in Cancer for these three zodiac signs.

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Three zodiac signs are luckiest in love on June 26:


(May 21 - June 20)

While you are very fond of being the person in the relationship who comes up with the answers to all questions and the solution to all problems, today's transit, Mercury in Cancer, is going to have you doing something that you don't ordinarily do much of: you're going to be the one who LISTENS today. There's just something in the air that makes you feel that on June 26, you'd play a more important role in your romantic relationship as the one who listens and cares, rather than the one who takes over and directs.

Oh sure, you love to direct a person, but this isn't the day for that, and you both know it  — you feel it in your bones. And what makes listening so exciting for you, today, Gemini, is that your partner turns out to be a lot smarter than you gave them credit for...and this pleases ou. Today wakes you up and lets you know that the person you are with is even more interesting that you knew.

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(July 23 - August 22)

You know that nothing lasts forever, which is why good days can be made into excellent days if you have a say in the matter. Today, June 26, brings us the transit of Mercury in Cancer, which allows you to see things very clearly; what you see is that both you and the person you call your romantic partner, are in extremely good moods, and that you feel an enormous rush of love for them. This is not something you easily chuck aside, as this is the stuff that your dreams are made of.

You love days like this because you feel as though you and your loving partner are the only people on Earth and this special 'elite' feeling makes you want to take it even further. This is the day when you and your person decide to do something crazy together, something only the two of you will know about. This kind of 'secretive' stuff makes you giddy. Today just 'feels' good and you are all there for that.

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(August 23 - September 22)

What will be noticeable for you today, during Mercury in Cancer, is the depth of your conversations with your romantic partner. It's as if there's no such thing as small talk on June 26, and honestly, you like it this way. You feel as though you waste a lot of time talking about things that are meaningless, but the second you and your partner get into the deep stuff, it's as if you both become NASA scientists on a mission to discover the meaning of life and the universe.

This is the stuff you live for, and while it doesn't happen all the time, when a transit like Mercury in Cancer comes to town, it enable you and your partner to toss aside the frivolous so that you can really get deep with the stuff you never talk about. Today feels energizing to you, Virgo, and it makes you feel as though you've found a really special person to share your life with.

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