3 Zodiac Signs Will Likely Have Challenging Horoscopes On June 25 When Mercury Squares Neptune

It's time for a reality check, folks.

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Three zodiac signs may feel alone on Sunday, and what puts the 'rough' in Rough Day on June 25, are two transits that seem to be working together to make life just a little bit more difficult than it needs to be. Those transits are Moon opposite Neptune and Mercury square Neptune. It's like an assault on the mind during this time, and this is exactly the kind of setup that will have three zodiac signs second-guessing just about every move they make today. The one thing that will stand out above all else is that if you are someone Mercury square Neptune expressly influences, you will feel alone in your thoughts. The main feeling during this transit is that 'I am alone, and nobody understands me.'


Now, we all know how discouraging that can be, as nobody wants to feel 'that alone, yet some of us won't understand what's happening today. We who are most affected by Moon opposite Neptune and Mercury square Neptune will feel disconnected from reality. This was the kind of day when we thought something would come through because we were counting on it, but if we are honest with ourselves, we'll know that what we wanted had more to do with fantasy than it ever did with reality.



Today is the day that three zodiac signs discover that it's 'time to grow up' and that, while reality might not offer the greatest of all solutions, it's probably the only place we can dwell as our 'fantasy life' is going to be exposed today and found to be somewhat worthless. We have to grow up.


For example, to make all this clear, if a person doesn't pay a bill, they can't assume the service won't be cut off simply because, in their fantasy, they get away with not paying, and it's all good. NOPE. Today is when that kind of reality hits home: if we owe, we must pay. Nobody gets away with it today. Being 'cute' isn't going to pay the bills during Moon opposite Neptune and Mercury square Neptune. Which zodiac signs feel it the most?

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Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on June 25:

1. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

Your need to be accepted by others may not be satisfied today. One thing that you may notice happening to you today is that no matter how clear you believe you are when you express yourself, it seems as though nobody around you gets what you're saying. At first, you may even think this is some kind of cosmic joke, as you feel you are being very clear, and yet during Moon opposite Neptune and Mercury square Neptune on Sunday, June 25, you can't seem to get your point across ... and you really need to.


What's extra frustrating about this day is that it will start making you second-guess yourself. Why aren't you able to communicate in a way that anyone understands you? Is it them ... or is it you? Virgo, here's a heads-up: you may experience more than being misunderstood today. What you think you are saying may not be clear. Think before you speak if you want to avoid this kind of misunderstanding.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

Today you may try to push people away because you need to be alone, and inside you crave some loneliness. Hypersensitivity will not help you today, though it may be hard to avoid. This Sunday, you'll be heavily in contact with the astrological transit of Mercury square Neptune, and your tendency to become vigilant or intensely defensive might kick in. What's dangerous in your case, Libra, is that this transit can mean you have overcome bad habits.


Today may be one of those days where enough goes on to send you flying back into some of those terrible habits. You need to be strong today because your nerves may be tested. If you can keep the events and actions of today as simple as possible, you'll do well, so you need to steer clear of other people's dramas, and if you hear something that offends you, back off before leaping in. Protect yourself by retreating, Libra, as that is your best option today.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

Today you bear the weight of the world on your shoulders, and for that reason you feel a bit lonely. There are a few things you do NOT want to look at today and think you can avoid them all, but ... you can't. During Mercury square Neptune, you'll get a crash course in 'the things you can't avoid.' You don't like it, but you will also recognize that no matter how you try to re-write the story in your head, it's going the route of reality. Your fantasy of yourself simply cannot exist — not on June 25.


You would love it if you could just do things 'your way,' and while that would be echoed far and wide by every human being on Earth, it's still not what will happen today during Mercury square Neptune. There are responsibilities that you have to tend to, and like it or not, you will have to 'submit.' You get away with a lot, Sagittarius ... today isn't punishment, so try not to think of responsibility as something negative.

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