3 Zodiac Signs Need Space In Their Relationship On June 12 During Sun Sextile Moon

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zodiac signs need space in love on june 12

On June 12, three zodiac signs need space in a relationship, when the Sun sextiles the Moon. We will be able to reach our goals on this day, and we will do whatever is needed so that the outcome makes everyone happy, especially ourselves.

The transit of Sun sextile Moon is not merely the bringer of good news. It's the inspiration behind the desire to welcome in that good news. Essentially, that means that if we are to live in peace with our loved ones, we must know when the time is right to speak up, hold back or establish boundaries. Boundaries are things we tend to fear talking about, and yet, if we don't let our partners know that we need our own space, they may just trample right over the border.



We let our partners know there is a border during the Sun sextile Moon. This isn't a hostile move, though we're taught from birth that we're supposed to share everything and withhold nothing in romantic relationships. That concept is ideal for books, but it doesn't work in today's world. 

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For three specific zodiac signs, it wouldn't work in any world. During the transit of Sun sextile Moon, these zodiac signs will know that today is the day we express ourselves. We must tell the people we love that we still need our personal space while we love them to pieces. It's not much to ask, and we will ask this of them on June 12.

Today is good because we feel free to express ourselves and ask for what we need. We are not intimidated by our partners or the expectations of what a 'real relationship' should look like. A real relationship comes with boundaries and personal space. Today, we will get some! Who's in?

Three zodiac signs need space in a relationship on June 12:

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

Personal space is a deal breaker for you, that is, if you don't get any. Ultimately, you need to pull away, and it's never personal. You just need your space, which holds in romance, anywhere else, or any other relationship. You just can't spend an entire day with any one person without the need to bolt, at least for a few minutes.

On June 12, you may find that your romantic partner didn't get the original memo as they are kinda-sorta too in your face all the dang time. You will subtly tell them to leave you alone, and you'll get the nerve to do so because of the transit, Sun sextile Moon. It's your way or the highway when personal space is the topic, and you don't feel you're asking too much. We shall see how your partner reacts, though ... hopefully 'well.'

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

For a person who likes to be around people, you know when you need to call for your own space, and on June 12, during the transit of Sun sextile Moon, you'll find that you will shock a few people with your request. While the need for personal space is only human, you've let so many people think you don't like being alone.

So when you explain to your romantic partner and a few family members that you just want some time and space to yourself, they may panic. It's odd, but you weren't expecting such a reaction. Why do the people in your life seemingly oppose you from having your own space? It's only because you have been so clingy and need their company. Today, you will use the power of Sun sextile Moon to show them that you are not locked into being any particular way.

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

You are all for the love and its trimmings, but there's one thing you insist upon personal space. You may live together in tight quarters or share a sprawling mansion; it doesn't matter. When you decide you need your own space, there has to be a place for you, and your partner has to understand.

During Sun sextile Moon on June 12, you'll be in that head-space once again, where it's not so much that you want to get away from your partner, but more along the lines of just wanting to sort your life out on your own — away from the noise of another person. Your partner might be offended, but that isn't your problem. Now was it ever your intention? No, you are merely being yourself and will remain true to yourself. You require personal space to live and thrive. If anyone, including your romantic partner, can't get with that, they must adjust their perception.

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