3 Zodiac Signs Set Boundaries In Love June 11, As Venus Squares Jupiter

This is a matter of self-respect.

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If ever there were a transit more calculated for the setting of boundaries in one's love life, it's the one that will be with us on this day, June 11, 2023. We are talking about the sweeping effect of Venus square Jupiter, and if there were a day dedicated to setting up and respecting personal boundaries, this would be that day.

Boundaries are imperative, and while we may not want to establish them right at the git-go, we may regret it if we don't get to them sooner or later. Love is great, and if that love is to last, it needs to have respect at its core, and respect begins with the understanding of boundaries. During Venus square Jupiter, those of us who have been meaning to 'have this conversation' will put on our grown-up pants and do what is needed to be done.




We set up boundaries in love so that we know certain lines cannot be crossed. Our lives are not just unmarked territory that anyone can claim. We are sensitive people who need our own space. Relationships take enough out of us as it is, and while that's a good thing, we can't lose ourselves to the relationship. We must remember who we are, and that's how Venus square Jupiter really comes into play. This transit is like a reminder to all of us, telling us that we should never forget who we are, what we're made of, and what it is that we really need to be happy.


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As we all know, sometimes we defer to our partners to care for us; that's just lazy. We may call it love and trust, but if we continue to wait for our partners, we will end up watching our personal space become ... theirs. During Venus square Jupiter, sure zodiac signs will remember who they are, what they need, and what they don't feel the need to let go of. It's very easy to be strong about this today. The stars are on our side. Stand tall, zodiac signs. This is your space.

Three zodiac signs set personal boundaries in love on June 11:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

You are all for everything until your personal time and space are threatened, and while we can't exactly call what your partner is doing 'threatening,' it seems as if they've forgotten that you are two separate people. It happens; relationships can bring people together to the point where they don't know where one starts and ends. You do NOT prefer this kind of relationship, and you'll like it even less during the transit of Venus square Jupiter.


On June 11, you will state to your partner's face that you are someone who must have their own space and privacy; this is a non-issue. You have your space or don't have a relationship with this person. It's OK. They'll get the hint.

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

OK, before this thing gets any further along the road, you'll be letting your partner know that you need to do certain things alone, and if they can't take it, they need to let you know. You are someone who likes to have separate friends. You want to do your own thing with your friends and do not enjoy taking your romantic partner out on every excursion.


You've always been this way, and while you intend to be loyal and stay true to the person you're with, you draw the line regarding them being with you 24-7. It's just not happening, and when today's transit of Venus square Jupiter kicks in, you'll be fearless in telling them to sit back and settle down. They need to know this about you, so don't hold back. Fight for your boundaries on June 11.

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3. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

Nothing kicks the trick like Venus square Jupiter when it comes to getting up the nerve to tell your partner they need to back off, or you'll go out of your mind. You aren't trying to get rid of them. You just need to them ... sit over there for a while. You have one of those needy partners who tend to want all your attention, and you're simply not cut out for that kind of service.


You love them and are into being with them, but recently, they're starting to display neediness vibes you can't handle. You need your privacy, and you don't want to have to explain yourself whenever you do. On June 11, you'll be presenting to your beloved that it's not them, it's you ... you need the space and that needing space is a good thing; in fact, it's the only way you can make a relationship work. That might get to them.

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