The 4 Zodiac Signs Who May Fall Out Of Love & End Relationships The Week Of June 5 - 11

It was not meant to be, and something better will be coming along.

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Four zodiac signs fall out of love and end their relationships the week of June 5 - 11, 2023. Breaking up doesn't just 'happen,' although, after the fact, we may sit around and ask, "Did that just happen?" Rarely is breaking up a spontaneous act, even less so when the cosmic forces surrounding us 'nudge' us into action. We may be thinking about breaking up. We may even have this on our minds for more time than we care to admit to ... but when it happens, there's usually a degree of calculation to the process. When the stars are in the sky at any given moment, they, too, become 'part of the plan.'


When we fall out of love, we don't always end our relationships on the spot. Once again, breaking up is not a spontaneous act. We think about it. We dwell on our thoughts and inner monologues and wonder if we can salvage the wreck or bail now before it's too late. During the week of June 5 - 11, 2023, we will discover certain things about ourselves and our partners. And with the help of the more aggressive and thought-provoking cosmic transits ahead, we will conclude: We need to break up. We may still be throttled back and forth with emotion, but there's a finality coming, and in an oddly fatalistic way, we welcome it.




This week brings us a lineup of transits that will take us out of the 'thinking about it' zone and into the 'I have fallen out of love with you and need to break up' zone. With a powerful Venus in Leo, while opposing Pluto, we may see the break up begin almost as soon as the week starts.

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Four zodiac signs may be prone to absorbing this influence. Later this week, Moon opposite Venus will join in, which should seal the deal if we have any second thoughts or doubts about separating. As we glide through the Pisces Quarter Moon, these zodiac signs will know we had to do it while it's been rough. Breakups are meant to be, in the same way as falling in love is. Which four zodiac signs will experience all this during the week of June 5 - 11, 2023?


These four zodiac signs may fall out of love and end relationships starting June 5 - 11, 2023:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

None of this is easy for you, and that is especially true because the person you have fallen out of love with is the person you were so madly in love with only recently. You've tried to work it out in your head. You've even gone so far as to believe that 'you' are the problem and that perhaps you don't deserve the person you're with if you're going to fall out of love with them.

You have mulled it over this way and that, but the truth is that it's not your fault. You no longer have feelings for this person, and there is no sense in putting yourself down for being real. They aren't the worst person in the world; they are merely someone you are no longer in love with. With Venus in Leo opposite Pluto, it's as if you are finally opening your eyes. You know what to do. It isn't pleasant, but it must be done. You will be breaking up your relationship during this week, Taurus.

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2. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

You've tried to rationalize this feeling inside you as something that came up because it's your birthday season, and you want to be brutally honest with yourself during this time. What you've been feeling is that nagging sensation of dread. You know what's coming, and with Venus in Leo opposite Pluto, it's here, which means that you will have to confront that which causes the dread in you.

You have fallen out of love with your romantic partner, and while you've tried to keep the feeling going, you cannot live a lie. It is, after all, your birthday, and you don't want this time to be filled with false hope or misdirected emotions. Because you are no longer in love, you can't see what's good in the relationship. While that may not be fair to you, it's still real and will still end up with you ending the relationship.

3. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)


What starts as a very passionate move on your part to end the relationship you are presently in gradually fades into numbness as the week goes on. This is your psyche trying to deal with what's in store. You don't want to look at it, and with the Half-Moon in Pisces coming up, it seems you can't hold back those emotions any longer. As Venus opposite Pluto takes over, you'll know the truth: you must break up.

You are no longer in love, and you aren't sure if your soon-to-be-ex is in love with you either. That hurts even more than you not being in love with them. So, rather than wait until the entire thing has become so dull and redundant, you will get up your nerve and still state the obvious: 'Let's break up.' It's the only option the two of you have left.

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4. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)


With Venus in Leo, the entire idea of love is blown out of proportion, and your feelings of wanting to leave will be jumpstarted at the onset of this transit at the beginning of the week. You didn't see it coming; you knew you had trouble with your partner but didn't anticipate it going this far. During Venus opposite Pluto, the trouble begins in earnest. What's known can no longer be unknown; you have deep problems with the person you are with.

You don't trust them, and you're starting to wonder if you're even in love with them anymore. One week of pondering this will answer you. You no longer love them. You'll want to break free quickly as soon as you admit this. Once you see the light, you will never want to return to the darkness of this relationship ever again.

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