3 Zodiac Signs Confess Their Love During Mars Opposite Pluto On May 20, 2023

Saying I love you to someone for the first time is never an easy thing to do.

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Three zodiac signs confess their love on May 21, 2023, thanks to Mars opposite Pluto. Sometimes, in order to get us to do that thing we've had on our minds for so long, as in — telling the person we've been crushing on that we are in love with them — we need an impetus, some kind of external stimulation to get us up and on to our feet.

While we may be fantasizing about how we'll let them know...soon, we sometimes wait too long and blow the moment; we really don't want to but it takes guts to walk on over to the person we've been admiring so that we can change the dynamic with them. We want to confess our love, but in truth, we're scared to, for fear of rejection or for coming across as a fool.


If we're ever going to get this confession out of our system, it's going to take a miracle...or an astrological transit that will kick us into action. And that transit happens today, so...on your mark, get set....go!

May 20, brings us the transit of Mars opposite Pluto, and this is a very aggressive, very hostile transit. So, how could such a transit move us to do something as kindly and sweet as confess our love for someone? 

Because it is during this time that we really get to feel it in our bones, and what's felt is the dread of how bad it would be if we stayed in that stuck place, doing nothing. Mars opposite Pluto lights the fire beneath us by showing us visions of 'what if I don't?' We 'get it' today. We see the opportunity and we seize it...because we can clearly see what will happen if we don't move fast on this.




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For three zodiac signs, it's a fast-paced day that is propelled by both passion and fear. We don't want to stay stuck! We want that person to see that they mean the world to us and that we are willing to prove our worthiness to them. We love someone, and we need to let them know, and during the transit of Mars opposite Pluto, these three zodiac signs become 'unstuck.'

Three zodiac signs confess their love on May 21, 2023:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)


You will be confessing your love to someone on May 20, and it is advised that you go slowly and don't explode all over them with your gushing love. Because the transit of Mars opposite Pluto is working with you, you may feel extraordinarily confident, but you run the risk of coming off as cocky; while it's cool to be cool, it's annoying to be overly confident as you don't know just yet how this other person is going to react to you.

You may feel like you can read them like a book, but that's the whole thing right there: you don't know them yet, and you can't just assume they will react well unless you play your cards right. During Mars opposite Pluto, you could really go overboard, so rein in your Aries power a bit and let it out in increments. Don't scare your love away before you get a chance to really know them.

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)


If you don't get this message out of your system today, you feel like you'll explode into a thousand pieces. There is someone that you really like and you want — no, NEED to let them know because it's burning a hole in your mind and they have to know what you're thinking. On May 20, you will find that the perfect opportunity opens up. 

With the nuclear power of Mars opposite Pluto behind you, you'll come to realize that if you don't get yourself over to that person, you may never again have the nerve to tell them that you've been crushing on them for too long and that you not only need them to know this, but you need them to respond to you.

Today gives you the confidence to confront your paramour but know this...not every day comes with Mars opposite Pluto, so strike while the iron is hot, Virgo. Make today THE DAY you confess your love as luck is on your side.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

Being gifted with the power of the 'blurt,' you aren't intimidated by things like saying what's on your mind to people you don't know well, in fact, you have a history of being a little too 'in your face' when it comes to confrontation. During Mars opposite Pluto, you'll want to watch your words as you may be propelled into a little too much courageous confronting as you waltz on over the person you've been crushing on to tell them how you feel.

You are the one zodiac sign who doesn't fear confrontation, and in the past, this has actually been a problem for you, but today is a good day for you to use that weird power to your advantage. What you might want to do is think first before you blurt; you have a way with words and you can be a true poet, but only if you think before you speak. So take a moment...and then proceed with your confession, Sagittarius.


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