3 Zodiac Signs Hearts Are Easily Broken On May 18, 2023, When The Moon Sextiles Venus

Some zodiac signs are just more sensitive than others when it comes to love.

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On May 18, 2023, we are in the presence of what we could call a 'very loving' transit and the effect of the Moon sextile Venus on three zodiac signs whose hearts are easily broken. The concept of love for Leos, Virgos and Pisces zodiac signs also brings in the notion of hyper-vulnerability and sensitivity.

While the world around us looks like sunshine and roses, we do something to ourselves that is clearly unfair: we will be playing the 'comparison game,' and that game always ends up breaking hearts. During transits like Moon sextile Venus, we tend to focus on what other people have, and we compare our lives to the lives of others. While we all know this is a losing game, who doesn't do this? We all do, and we all generally suffer for it.


We forget 'the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence' is a metaphor for the comparison game. On Thursday, May 18, we look to the love lives of others and firmly decide that they have more than we do.

The more we think about it, the worse it gets. By the end of the day, three zodiac signs will have themselves convinced that they have nothing or are unloved and disrespected by the works ... We compare our bodies to others and decide we're ugly and pathetic. We compare our romantic lives to the lives of the characters we see in movies and on TV, and we end up breaking our hearts because we believe that they have it all, and we have very little.




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While all of this seems petty and avoidable, we are still humans and subject to this kind of vulnerability. We're not waiting around for someone else to break our hearts today; we're going to do it ourselves, and we're going to do it by comparing our lives unnecessarily to the lives of others. It's a zero-sum game, and these three zodiac signs would be better off not playing it.

Here are the three zodiac signs whose hearts are easily broken on May 18, 2023:

1. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)


Part of being a Leo is maintaining what you believe to be a 'perfect life.' You want people to think you've got it all, and you do your best to ensure that what they believe is also a reality for you. You want the best in life, but you can't help but feel jealous whenever you see someone has more than you.

On May 18, you might focus a little too hard on someone in your life whom you believe is doing better than you, and whether they are or not, the point is that you will let your perception of them and their life get the better of you. During the transit of Moon sextile Venus, you may take on the personality of someone who has lost the game. You'll feel depleted and down, and because you can't help but feel they are better than you, you'll feel heartbroken and ill at ease.

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)


You have been down this road before, and no doubt, you'll be on it again, but on May 18, during the transit of Moon sextile Venus, you will once again revisit the place where you can't help but feel as though everyone in the world got a better deal than you did on everything. You are playing the comparison game today as if you were an Olympic competitor, and with Moon sextile Venus, you won't let up until you find yourself in tears.

Everybody's love life is better than yours, everybody has a better family than yours, and everyone's body is more attractive than yours ... and on ... and on. Call it self-pity or misplaced aggression; it matters not. What does matter is that you will cash all your chips in today to feel heartbreak at its maximum level.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)


What really gets under your skin today is the idea that you wanted this day to be so great, and now, for some reason, all you can see is what's wrong with it. During Moon sextile Venus, which falls on May 18, you will have your heart set on love and romance, but when your partner comes through, all you will see are their flaws.

You won't be able to see the beauty of their actions, and you'll start a fight with them to show them how they aren't as good as this or that 'other' person. You aren't just playing the comparison game for your life, you are comparing your partner to someone who doesn't even exist, and when they don't match up, you find ways to feel sorry for yourself. That makes you feel even worse, and you'll spend the day heartbroken, stewing in your guilt.

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