3 Zodiac Signs Breakup On May 15, 2023, During The Moon In Aries

Get ready because this breakup will be epic.

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If there's ever been a custom-made transit for zodiac signs to break up with our mates over, it's the Moon in Aries on April 15, 2023. We are talking about total incompatibility and a thoroughly hostile ending. While nobody wants things to go down that badly. We're about to sail into some severe choppy waters. If you are one of the zodiac signs that will take the Aries Moon the hardest, get a grip now because today will really knock the wind out of your sails.


OK, enough sailing metaphors; we have a bunch of angry couples who can no longer see eye to eye. While this is no new news for many, we may not have anticipated this anger. It's as if the Moon in Aries is bringing up all those stored-up resentments, and boom; today is the day it all explodes. It isn't pretty, and the last thing it will be is fair. We look at the end of long-term relationships and quick flings; the Aries Moon is not in the mood for love and is taking prisoners.



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What's important to know is that it's not just 'we' who want to break up with our mates. It's our mates, too. We no longer feel it; we want out, as do they. Before we get to that peaceful place where we can laugh over everything that happens today, we will have to go through whatever is present by the Moon in Aries today. Are you one of the zodiac signs destined for a hostile breakup? Let's see ...

Three zodiac signs breakup on May 15, 2023:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

The idea that you want to break up with your partner today is a given, as you are no longer in the 'hinting at' mode and much into the 'this relationship is done' mode. You have told your partner they have a certain amount of time to 'get it right.' They didn't have it in them to even want to try. So, if action is what they want, then action is what they'll get, and you will bring it in the form of leaving them. Buh-bye, it's done.

You are one with the Aries Moon's power; let it lead the way. The days of you suffering through a trashy romance are long gone. You don't stick around anymore for the pain, and all you can see coming out of staying together is a raw deal, jam-packed with pain, heartbreak and all the rest of that jazz. NOPE and nope.


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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

Alright, time's up. You feel as though your relationship has been on the clock for way too long and that you're now at the place where enough is officially enough. The Moon in Aries is happening today, May 15, 2023, and gives you the right amount of nerve to push things over the edge. You are hellbent on destruction; there isn't a second or third chance to get it right. You're done, cooked. The timer is dinging.

Today is when you break up with your partner, no matter how much they fight for you to stick it out. There is no more reason to stay; you know what's going on, what's happened, and how you got here. This is no flippant move on your part. Oh no, this is well thought out. It does require real action, so today's the day. The Aries Moon supports breakups, as sad as that may sound.


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3. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

You somehow have the world convinced that because you're a Libra, you're mild-mannered and meek. You've used that in the past to attract lovers, but yet another side of you is equally as manipulative when ending relationships with said lovers. You'll be doing just that today, May 15, 2023.


During the Moon in Aries, you are simply not into extending the pain of this faux relationship any further. This is the day you let go of that peace-filled, well-balanced Libra facade to show your true face, which is red and angry. You are livid with hostility, and you want out. You will fight out of this if you need to, and you hope to have a smooth ending, but that's not really a part of the plan today. Today is for unhappy endings and memorable resentments. You'll be making memories today, for sure, Libra.

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