3 Zodiac Signs Need To Set Relationship Boundaries Starting May 12 Thanks To Moon Sextile Jupiter

Boundaries are important.

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During the Moon sextile Jupiter on May 12, 2023, three zodiac signs need to set boundaries in their relationships. While falling in love sure does feel like an amazing experience as we want to share it all with the one we are enamored with, boundaries are important.

Those early throes of love and infatuation make a person want to give it all up, as we can't see any reason why not just ... let it all go and fall into the love that has just swallowed us whole, but there's a point where a boundary must be set.


We want closeness in the beginning; it feels good ... because it's new and we've never experienced this kind of sharing before. But, this heightened 'freedom' cannot be sustained because life isn't lived in a bubble, and love cannot endure in a permanent boundary-less existence. This is why three zodiac signs start to realize boundaries must be set.

Friday we come to realize that we need to set boundaries in our relationships, and what's ironic about this is that we really don't see this coming until it's almost too late. On May 12, 2023, Aries, Tauruses, and Leos recognize that 'that moment' is here and now, that the party is over in terms of what we allow our romantic partners to tread upon, and if we really do want this relationship to continue forward, in health and loving respect, then there must be boundaries.


During the transit of Moon sextile Jupiter, we see limits as a good thing rather than something that creates distance between ourselves and our partner.



The main reason we let it go for so long is that we don't want to offend our partners, but what happens is that we end up losing our private space and our identity as separate human beings ... and we need that to function properly. So, it's time to set those boundaries and zodiac signs, and it's time to see how successful our relationships can be and how much promise they can have in the days to come simply because we decided to set these boundaries.

We are the most important person in any relationship: know this, and you'll be happy. Set your boundaries; not everything in your life is up for grabs. Who's in on this one?


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Three zodiac signs set immediate relationship boundaries starting May 12, 2023:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

For someone as strong-willed as you are, Aries, you probably laugh over how much you've let others push you around, and that's not necessarily a bad thing; you were trying. You wanted to accommodate your partner's needs so you may have lost some of your freedoms along the way. As your relationship progressed, you noticed you didn't get as much 'me time' as you'd like.

As time takes you further along the road, you have started to understand that the 'me time' is not only a frivolous desire but an absolute necessity.


On May 12, during the Moon sextile Jupiter, you'll be very much in touch with your need for independence; not a breakup, not time off from love ... just your time. Me time is precious and seemingly not happening as often as you'd like because you have not set boundaries for it. Today is boundary-setting day; good luck, and you will love the results.

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2. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

You may have learned long ago that just because you're in a relationship doesn't necessarily mean you and your partner must share everything. You want your friends and your interests. You must know that you retain your independent nature, as anything less than that would feel oppressive and hellish.


During the Moon sextile Jupiter on May 12, 2023, you'll need to re-establish some of that knowledge with your partner as you've seen things slipping. The boundaries have begun to blur; honestly, you're not into it. You are also not into staying quiet about it, as that's not part of your personality. Y

ou can be polite and tolerant, but you don't want the main point to get lost in the sauce, so on this day, May 12, you will bring the idea of boundaries back into the workable conversation. It's the Taurus thing to do, after all ... and it is Taurus season. Go, Toro!

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3. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)


Sharing is caring where you are concerned, and you've been pretty guilty of wanting to tread into places in your partner's life that may not be yours to enter. You have always felt that in love, all is fair, and it's 'share and share alike.' During Moon sextile Jupiter, you may not want your partner in all of your business, no matter how 'open' and honest you like to keep things.

It's not that you have anything to hide — you don't, but is it essential for your partner to know everything you do all day? You once felt very good about that arrangement, but as time passes, you realize the need to hold on to certain things ... just for yourself.

You need the boundaries that you've always felt were unnecessary, and on this day, May 12, 2023, you'll let your partner know that you'd like to keep certain things to yourself ... no offense to them ... it's just ... personal.


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