3 Zodiac Signs Meet 'The One' On May 7, 2023, During Moon Square Saturn

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zodiac signs meet the one

On May 7, 2023, three zodiac signs find 'the One.' We have the 'matchmaking' transit of Moon square Saturn, and oddly enough, this energy can be quite strict and negative; we can find the right person to match us in love and romance.

What Moon square Saturn does is that it introduces the idea of discretion. We're not just looking; we're looking for someone who fits the bill. We have our deal-breakers, and because we are now at the place in our lives where we feel strong enough to say NO if NO is needed, we can whittle the list of potentials down to those who strike us as 'YES' material. We are not looking for just anyone; we're looking for our match, and on May 7, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces will be able to say, "It happened."



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So, if we have been looking for the right person, today may very well be the day we find that person, and we'll know that they are our match; yes, we will like them, but they have that special something that registers to us as right ... not just good-looking, or generous or kind ... but ... right. That's what makes for the perfect match. Which zodiac signs stand a chance at finding their perfect match today, during Moon square Saturn?

Three zodiac signs meet 'the one' on May 7, 2023:

1. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

At one point in your life, you would have laughed over the idea of finding someone you could call your 'match' as you think very highly of yourself, and the idea of someone being as 'high up' as you, well, it would seem unlikely. Still, you've never really given up hope, as you are somewhat of a hopeless romantic.

On May 7, 2023, you may find that the person you've been involved with seems to be showing signs of this kind of ... similarity. Could it possibly be that your love interest is ... THAT GOOD? During the transit of Moon square Saturn, you will see that your ability to separate the traits you don't care for from the ones you desire has worked for you, as this person seems to be checking off all the boxes in the right way. This is the day you meet your match, Capricorn, and it may stun you.

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2. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

You always have and only wanted someone who matches your intelligence and passion. Still, you are also very specific about the kind of person you believe deserves to be your romantic partner, and it certainly isn't just 'anyone.' On May 7, you will find someone who appeals to you in ways you weren't sure anyone 'out there' could. It seems that this person subscribes to the same beliefs as you do, and you know that what you believe in isn't everyone's cup of tea. That's the criteria right there, Aquarius; they have to believe in what you believe in, or they are a 'no go.'

During Moon square Saturn, your sense of discretion and discrimination will present to you a person you can relate to, and that's all you've ever wanted. This person is definitely 'the one.' Make of them as you will.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

Over the years, your standards have changed when it comes to who you bring into your life, and during Moon square Saturn on May 7, you'll notice that you like the set of standards that you've come up with because, honestly, you don't want to settle for less. What's great is that the universe has picked up on your vibe and wants to grant you what you wish for, and in this case, it's about setting you up with someone you find to be your perfect match.

You may discover this person during this transit as they are not somewhere in the distance but right near you. This is the day you recognize someone in your life as 'the right person,' and you will be able to stand back and see that they are someone you can call your 'match.'

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